Teodora Alonzo loved all her children, none more especially than young Jose Rizal. More often than not, mother would tell stories to the young son. And this, the story-telling, Rizal fell in love with

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Teodora Alonzo loved all her children, none more especially than young Jose Rizal. More often than not, mother would tell stories to the young son. And this, the story-telling, Rizal fell in love with. Rizal liked both history and writing stories. From childhood, to his later life in the universities and abroad, Rizal showed exceptional talent in both history and writing. Examples would be his childhood poems, written when he was eight years old, poems that were about the embarkation of Magellan from Spain, of how the natives should love their own language. He would also write plays about ****** that reflects his love for stories and story-telling. This characteristic from his childhood can show us why Rizal, the hero, chose novels to express his desires and complaints to be addressed both to the people and to those in power. Just like how he loved history, he showed the Filipinos (indios) that indeed, even before, the Philippines had a rich history. And just like how he loved stories, Rizal told of a story of a people in chains, trying to uplift their lives for the better, in his novels.
All children have this affection for their mothers when they were young, and when they grew up, this special affection slowly wavered. Yes, they still love their mothers but not the way they used to. Mothers then were their whole lives. Without her, the children cannot survive. And this was what Rizal did not grow out off. Rizal loved his mother very much as a child. And as he grew up, even though he met several women, they still could not compare to the love he gives to her. And when the adult Rizal saw how his beloved mother suffered in the hands of the government, he was enraged. He saw his mother suffering, and this, Rizal cannot take. People attribute Rizal’s heroicness to his love for his country. But do they not think that this “love” for the motherland may have been only an offshoot of Rizal’s love for his mother? Rizal knew that with the current state of things, he cannot do anything to help her, and so, he tried to change things. He became a revolutionary.
The young Rizal was naturally curious, as with any other child. He wanted to try anything and everything. He was sculpting, drawing, playing out magic tricks. He loved nature and all the plants and animals that came with it. As he grew, his natural curiosity never faded, aside from the skills and talents he had before, he expanded to other fields. He went fencing, he tried medicine, anything he wanted to do, and he did, and did well at it. But it was soon realized that the Philippines was hindering the young Rizal from his potential, and so it was decided that he would go overseas, to travel to other countries to further his studies. And this, maybe the single most important event in the life of Rizal, changed him. Experience of life outside the Philippines, showed him that there is more to life. That the Philippines, like him, is being limited, hindered from achieving its own potential. This taught him the liberal ideas of a land far from home. He saw how different it was, the life living inside compared to outside of the Philippines. This may have contributed to why a young curious boy, became Rizal the Hero.
Jose Rizal was the only “Rizal” in the family, of which was really named “Mercado.” And so, even though the family gave equal importance and love to all members, Rizal may have felt unwanted. He may have felt like the black sheep. That is why he tried to excel in everything that he did, even as a child he tried everything, and he did quite good at it. Even though he did not show brilliance in academics during his earlier years, this light has shown brightest when he was starting in the university. He would soon receive awards and merits for his exceptional achievements. Some of this may be attributed to the idea that maybe, Rizal was trying to gain the attention of his family. That with his achievements, they will notice him. This attitude of Rizal paid of with his family, and when he grew up, he realized that the Philippines too was under the same situation when he was young. The country that he loves was being ignored by the mother country. Spain could not even take a quick look on how one of its provinces in the east was doing. It was turning a blind eye to the Philippines, the black sheep. And this, Rizal could not stand. He knows the feeling of being left out, and it was not good. Rizal with a few other Filipinos tried to elicit glances from Spain. They tried to do things that would make the mother country notice one of its daughter provinces.
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