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The Grapes of Wrath


Multiple Choice [1 point each]

1. One of the reasons Casy gives up being a minister is because

A. he cannot make a living at it.

B. he feels like a hypocrite because he preaches one thing, but he behaves differently.

C. his wife left him for another man.

D. people expect him to solve all their problems.

E. he is tired of talking.

2. The first and last chapters in this novel deal with what natural disasters?

A. a drought and an earthquake

B. a flood and an earthquake

C. a drought and a flood

D. a blizzard and a flood

E. a drought and a blizzard

3. In Chapter Two, how does Tom Joad convince the truck driver to give him a lift, despite the “NO RIDERS” sign?

A. Tom makes the driver feel guilty by stating that a “good guy” would help someone out, regardless of what his boss told him to do.

B. Tom threatens to physically harm the driver if he refuses.

C. Tom flatters the driver with compliments in order to get a ride.

D. Tom begins telling a sad story that makes the driver feel sorry for him and agree to give him a ride.

E. Tom sarcastically jokes with the driver until they become friends and the driver agrees to give Tom a ride.

4. When the Joads leave for California, who was invited but declined to go with them?

A. Noah

B. Jim Casy

C. Sairy Wilson

D. Muley Graves

E. Floyd Knowles

5. Uncle John feels a great deal of guilt because

A. in a drunken rage, he killed someone.

B. as a young man, he gave up his only child.

C. he has cheated on his wife with other women.
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D. he pushed many poor people from their farms.

E. his wife died when he refused to get a doctor for her.


In effect, Jim Casy says that Grampa died

A. because no one cared enough to save him.

B. the way he lived, with enthusiasm and zeal.

C. so the children could live.

D. but his spirit would continue to roam the earth.

E. as soon as he was taken off of his land.

7. Whenever the migrants speak up for their rights to a fair wage, they are usually called

A. “red troublemakers.”

B. “radical anarchists.”

C. “lazy, shiftless people.”

D. “drunken fools.”

E. “ungrateful migrants.”

8. Tom would have been arrested for assaulting a deputy, except someone else takes full responsibility for the incident. That person is

A. the deputy, himself, who does not want his friends to know that an Okie beat him.

B. Uncle John, who claims he was so drunk that he did not realize what he was doing.

C. Ma, who claims that she hit the deputy with a pan, not on purpose, but by accident.

D. Jim Casy, who feels he has to do something for the family.

E. Al, who claims he is too young for jail.

9. This story takes place in the

A. early 1900s.

B. 1920s.

C. 1930s.

D. 1940s.

E. 1950s.

10. What is happening at the start of the book?

A. Homes are being taken from the farmers by the rich landowners.

B. Tornadoes and other destructive weather conditions have forced people from their homes.

C. The dry land has made it difficult for farmers to grow crops, which has resulted in starving families and no income.

D. Even though the crops are doing well, the farmers think they will make more money in California.
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E. The dry land has made it difficult for farmers to grow crops and make a living; therefore, they have begun stealing and leading a life of crime. They are running to California to flee the police.

11. Ma purposely makes Pa angry because

A. she is getting even for the way he has always treated her.

B. she wants him to get angry because an angry man can never be defeated.

C. she wants him to realize that his plan would never work.

D. she wants to teach Tom a lesson.

E. she needs Pa to protect Rose of Sharon.

12. Connie, Rose of Sharon’s husband,

A. is killed when he is clubbed on the head with an axe handle.

B. became a strikebreaker and is put out of the family.

C. runs off and deserts the family.

D. leaves for a woman they met on the road.

E. leaves, but rejoins the family after he gets a good job.

13. As the story opens, Tom Joad has been in jail because

A. he killed someone.

B. he broke into a food market.

C. he was framed by a jealous rival.

D. he and another man held up a bank in Arkansas.

E. he beat up a tractor driver.

14. Many people, to escape the problems they are facing, are leaving

A. Arizona.

B. their families.

C. by bus.

D. for California.

E. everything behind.

15. Which character in this story can best be described as a visionary?

A. Tom Joad

B. Jim Casy

C. Connie

D. Grandpa

E. Ma

16. Tom is most impressed at the Weedpatch camp by the fact that

A. the people run and police the camp themselves.

B. if a family did not have money for rent the people could work to pay it.

C. there are showers and toilets with running water.

D. they hold Saturday night dances.
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E. there is an overabundance of food.


In this novel, the people who help the poor peo

ple are

A. the middle-class businessmen.

B. churches and religious societies.

C. other poor people, who share the little bit they have.

D. the state and local governments.

E. the upper-class citizens.

18. Toward the end of the novel, the decision to build a levee to contain the rising water is forced upon the Joads and their group because

A. the only road out is washed away by the flood.

B. Rose of Sharon goes into labor.

C. Al has driven off in the only truck.

D. Tom suffers a serious head wound when he is struck by a policeman.

E. Mrs. Wainwright says her husband is dying and she begs the others to stay.

19. The portions of the book that do not follow the actual plot of the book

A. deal with another sub-plot.

B. relate to the plot in a symbolic manner.

C. were placed in the book after Steinbeck died.

D. are there to lengthen the novel.

E. describe life in Oklahoma before the novel begins.

20. Uncle John wanted to send a message to the world about the condition the migrants were living in. What does he do to send this message?

A. He sets fire to an old barn.

B. He runs the truck into the wall of the town jail.

C. He puts Rose of Sharon’s stillborn infant in a crate and sets it in the river.

D. He carries the stillborn infant into the office of the mayor.

E. He and the other migrants form a picket line and begin to protest outside of the mayor’s office.

Matching [2 points each]

Match the character to the appropriate description.

21. ____ Dies on the trip A. Muley

22. ____ Doesn’t accompany the Joads when they B. Rose of Sharon leave

23. ____ Helps prevent the riot at the camp C. Granma

24. ____ Becomes the head of the Joad family D. Tom

25. ____ Loses a baby E. Ma

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points each]

1. Write a brief character sketch for each, and describe how he or she changes during the course of the novel:

A. Tom Joad

B. Ma

C. Pa

D. Rose of Sharon

E. Jim Casy
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  1. The heroes in this novel are the people who continue to persist, despite the obstacles

they encounter. Identify and discuss who the villains are.




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Essay [10 points]

5. E 10. C 15. B 20. C 25. B

4. D 9. C 14. D 19. B 24. E

3. A 8. D 13.A 18.B 23.D

2. C 7. A 12.C 17.C 22.A

1. B 6. E 11. B 16. A 21. C

Answer Key

The Grapes of Wrath

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