The Agricultural Revolution raised productivity and increased the supply of food and other agricultural products

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Agricultural Revolution 561 - 563
The Agricultural Revolution raised productivity and increased the supply of food and other agricultural products.
End of the 17th century, economy of Europe was agrarian, exception of Holland, output increasingly low, climatic conditions produced poor or disastrous harvest every 8 – 9 years, family years made humans susceptible to illness – malnourished, eating bark or grass leading to intestinal ailments.

  1. Describe Agricultural practices and village life from the Middle Ages through the 17th century.

  1. Describe the scientific revolution’s impact on the Agricultural Revolution.

The importation of and transplantation of agricultural products from the Americas contributed to an increase in the food supply in Europe.

  1. Discuss the 5 reasons for increased food production in the 18th century.

    1. More farmland – How did they get more land? Why does more land yield increased production?

    1. Increased yields per acre – How did they increase production? What was produced?

    1. Healthier more abundant livestock – Why is there more and why is the livestock healthier?

    1. Climate - What is different about the climate of the 18th c.?

    1. New types of crops as a result of the Columbian exchange – How did these new foods change the diet of Europeans (both peasants and elites)

By the middle of the 18th century, higher agricultural productivity and improved transporation increased the food supply, allowing populatins to grow and reducing the number of demographic crises.

  1. Why the Dutch… Why was the Netherlands the leader in the Agricultural Revolution and describe their best student the English and their agricultural changes.

  1. What was the enclosure movement, and why was it very controversial especially in England? (hint: what effect did it have on the economic and social order of England??

  1. Why was the Enclosure movement a logical extension of the Enlightenment? (make reference to specific Enlightenment thinkers – hint: property, economics)

In the space below draw two pictures - one that represents the “old” style of agriculture and one that describes the “new” style. Be prepared to share these with the class.

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