The “Big Three”

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The Treaty of Versailles
Why Versailles?
The ______________ wanted to crush Germany in the same place where Bismarck formed it in 1871.

The “Big Three”

Although there were delegates from _______ nations at the conference, the important decisions were made by the leaders of the three strongest _________ powers: the US, Britain, and France.

United States

Wilson wanted “peace without ___________,” and wanted defeated nations to be treated well to avoid a war of _________________ in the future.
Wilson introduced America’s goals his _______________ _______________, which were admired by the Germans, but not the other Allies.

Wilson wanted to eliminate the basic causes of war, such as conflicts over _________________ and ___________________.

Wilson also called for an end to ________________, a ___________________ of military arms, and self-determination.
__________________________________ – the idea that the peoples of Eastern Europe would chose their own form of government.
Wilson also argued for freedom of the ________, and the formation of the ________________________________.
League of Nations – a group of countries with the goal of settling disputes through ____________, rather than war.


The __________ of Wilson was Clemenceau from France who was nicknamed the “Tiger” for his fierce war policy.
Clemenceau wanted to ______________ the Germans so that they could never again ________________ France.
Clemenceau felt that Wilson wanted to be too ________ on Germany and said, “Wilson has Fourteen Points…God Almighty has only ten!”

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