The bigger they are the harder they fall

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(1 Samuel 17)

Somewhere in a believer's life he is going to face a giant: A PERSON, A PLACE, or A PAINFUL experience? Many chose to avoid the giant on that day, but the one who faced it was the one who opened the door for God to prove his power to the entire nation of Israel. David's encounter with Goliath is certainly the most famous incident of his life. Before this chapter is over, we read in v.50 that "David prevailed over the Philistine", however, many things take place leading up to the final results. How David faced this giant would play a very important role in David's future because it would get him the fame and attention he would need to ascend to the throne; just as God had planned. Part of God’s training plan for David involved God placing the young man in some difficult situations.

Today I am preaching to people who are battling giants. CHURCHES, COMPANIONS, CHRISTIANS ARE NOT PREVAILING!!! As we watch David walk into the Valley of Elah and face a 9 foot 9 inch giant, we can see some much needed instructions about how we can survive when we face things that seem bigger that us!

(1)-THE TIMING OF THIS ATTACK....(v.1-"Now..")

This day for David began like any other day. He plans to tend his sheep and do the same things he has done day after day for years. But, this day will be different! Jesse sends David to check on David’s three elder brothers who are fighting in Saul’s army. They have been gone at least 40 days, 1 Sam. 17:16, and Jesse is worried. In those days countries did not have standing armies. Ordinary citizens would rally around the king when he called for volunteers to fight.

Giants in our lives rarely give notice that they are coming. You get up one morning, expecting that day to be like any other day, and there it stands: a giant has entered your life. (A loved one has died, a pain in your body that you've never felt before, you've lost a job you've had for 20 years, etc.)

Giants don’t just show up; their appearance is well timed. Now, from our perspective, they just appear. But, from God’s perspective, they are all part of His perfect plan for us. (Remember when Israel sent spies from the wilderness into Canaan? They came back with the report of GIANTS that inhabited the land, and discouraged the heart of the people so that they wandered for 40 years!) God knew the giants were there before the spies were ever sent...he just wanted Israel to FACE THEM! The same principle applies for the 3 Hebrews and the Furnace/Daniel and the lion's den/ The Disciples and the Stormy Sea! God knew about all of those events because they were part of His perfect plan!

(2)-THE TURMOIL WITHIN THIS ATTACK.... (v.11 "afraid", v.24 "Saw the man they fled")

The Devil loves to see God's people falling apart! As we witness this scene, it seems that the Lord's amry can't get along or keep it together! When churches FIGHT & FEUD it gives the enemy opportunity to root up and destroy!


*(v.41)-David is not interested in THE LITTLE GUY (Armour bearer), he is there to silence the GIANT!!!

His Heritage---(v.4-"of Gath") According to Joshua 11:22, the only unconquered part of the land of Cainaan was the Gaza strip, Ashdod, and Gath! The lesson here is that if you and I refuse to deal will the giants in a Godly fashion, they will one day come back to haunt us!

His Height---(v.4-"six cubits and a span") He was somewhere between 9 to 12 feet tall! But David was MUCH TALLER than Goliath where it REALLY COUNTED!!!

His Hardware--- (v.5-7) Goliath was like a walking TANK!!! He had over 150 lbs of metal on him! *Goliath had an INTIMIDATION FACTOR! When we look at the world they have the power of the news media, politicians, legislatures, courts & laws, peer pressure.... tons of outward armor that makes Christianity look like a pip-squeak! But Paul tells us to "put on the whole armor of God" (Eph.6:11); and that armor consists of FAITH, TRUTH, RIGHTEOUS LIVING, SALVATION, and GOD'S WORD!!!


The Length of this Teasing......(v.16-"He presented himself 40 days")

The Lie in this Teasing...........(v.9-"If your able to kill me, we will be your servants")---David killed the giant, and not one Philistine laid down their arms! Millions in this world believe Satan's lies every day! "Drugs won't hurt you....a few drinks with your buddies is a right of passage....If this marriage doesn't work out you can always dump her and shack will ALL BE OK IF YOU LISTEN TO ME"!!!

The Leeriness of his teasing....(v.26, 45)---In defying the armies of the Lord, Goliath was openly dishonoring God himself; and this BOTHERED DAVID!


Teens are facing giants at the turning point of life....the time when some of the most critical decisions are made! As soon as David expresses his desire to see the giant defeated, he is met with criticism and doubt (v.28)! His AGE is against him, His ARMY is against him, and His ASSIGNMENT is against him (v.15)-David that day was DEMOTED from an Armour bearer back to a shepherd boy! David's presence embarrassed his brothers, Saul, and even Goliath; but David would stand his ground that day! He would not DRAG HIS FEET to approach this battle...instead he "RAN"-(v.48)!

a. David has learned about God’s Purposes –1 Sam. 16:13 – David had been anointed as king to sit on a throne. David knew that he would not die this day.

b. David has learned about God’s Protection – v. 34-37David knew that everything God had done in the past, he was still able to do. (v.37)-David mentioned deliverance from the "PAWS" of lions and bears...."God will keep Goliath's PAWS off of David"!!! According to John 10 we are in THE PAW OF GOD!

c. David has learned about God’s Power– v. 38-40David knew that victory did not reside in swords, shields, spears, armor and bows, but in the mighty power of God. David came before Goliath as if the giant was a little dog who could be chased away with sticks! It was then that Goliath began to curse and swear at him. A CORRUPT MOTH REFLECTS A CORRUPT PERSON!

We seem to have no trouble remembering our past defeats; but we have real trouble remembering that victories the Lord has given. Think about it! We can remember every valley; but can’t seem to remember even one mountain top.


*ELIAB: DAVID WAS INTERIGATED........................(v.28)-"Why are you here?"

DAVID WAS CALLED IRRESPONSIBLE…………..(v.28)-"Who did you leave the sheep with?"

DAVID WAS CALLED IMMATURE........…...(v.28-"I KNOW thy pride, you came just to see the battle"!

DAVID WAS ACCUSED OF INIQUITY.……...(v.28-"I KNOW your naughtiness")

*Eliab (David's brother) had nothing good to say to him on the battlefield! Eliab told David, "he had no reason to be there"; however, David let his brother know that he had CAUSE to stand against the evil giant! David didn't waste time arguing with the critics...he allowed God to take care of them! Often Christians can become sidetracked by critics while the GIANT LIVES ON--UNDEFEATED!!! (ARE YOU HERE FOR A LEGITAMATE REASON? I didn't come to church to stand around!)


The King told David "IT CAN'T BE DONE"! -(v.33) There's nothing worse for a church than for some "authority-crazed person" (whether it is a deacon, committee member, Sunday school teacher, etc.) to stand down their pastor's noble plans for church direction and growth!

David had done a lot of BIG-TALKING on the battlefield.... and Saul got word of it! The king wanted to see if David was courageous, or just full of HOT AIR!!! There comes a time when talk must stop and action must begin.


It seemed so simple to use a rock and a sling.....but remember, using this instead of a sword would keep David at a safe distance from this giant! Many believers think they've got to get close to evil in order to conquer it; but that is not the way David saw things! In those days the sling was one of the most accurate of weapons ...(Judges 20:16-"the men of the tribe of Benjamin could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss.")!!!

ACCURACY WAS OF UTTMOST IMPORTANCE! --Goliath was covered from head to toe with metal that a stone couldn't even knock a dent in! David found an OPENING! ---God told us that with every temptation he would "make a way to escape"!


If your giant ever falls, it will be through the work of Almighty God in your life, on your behalf, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts,” Zechariah 4:6.

It is interesting to watch the characters involved in this account. Saul nurses his fears; Eliab feeds his jealousy; Goliath polishes his pride; and David flexes his faith. When all is said and done, David gives the priest Goliath's sword as a memorial before God, and takes the severed head of the giant to Jerusalem as a gruesome-hideous reminder of sin and it's ugliness!

You can hide in your tent and try to avoid that giant; maybe he will just go away. NO HE WON'T!!! Look at verses 3 and 25. By the time the 40th day had arrived, Goliath had already crossed the valley and was starting up the mountainside toward the camp of Israel. Your giant won’t just go away; he will get closer and closer and eventually, he will defeat you, if you do nothing.

*If you need to do a little giant killing, this altar is a good place to load your sling and take your swing at your giant. The problem or obstacle your facing may be big, but remember, the BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL!!! -(The Lord can move mountains!)

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