The First Thanksgiving Voyage on the Mayflower

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The First Thanksgiving
Voyage on the Mayflower

  1. When did they leave for North America?

  1. Who stayed above deck? Who lived mostly below deck?

  1. What happens during the violent storm?

  1. Why did they stop in Newfoundland?

  1. How did they get off track from sailing to Virginia?

  1. How many days did the pilgrims spend at sea?

  1. When and where did they land?

What inferences can you make based off of your newfound knowledge about the pilgrims, as to what will happen to the pilgrims at their new colony?

The Ship
1. How was the ship powered?
2. What did they people on the ship eat?

3. What was life for the Pilgrims like aboard the ship?

4. What were the items and goods brought on the ship and stored in barrels?

5. Describe the jobs in Steerage

6. How did the master chart the ship’s course?

Daily Life

  1. Why did most of the passengers fail to survive the first few months in North America?

  1. Who helped the pilgrims to survive?

  1. Housing

    1. Pilgrims

      1. Houses:

      1. Inside the homes:

      1. Villages

    1. Wampanoag

      1. Homes

      1. Inside the homes

      1. Seasonal living

  1. Clothes

    1. Pilgrim

      1. Routine of women’s clothing:

      1. Boys clothing

    1. Wampanoag

      1. Men’s clothing

      1. Formal occasions

      1. Jewelry

  1. Food

    1. Pilgrims

      1. What did the Pilgrims eat?

      1. How did they eat?

    1. Wampanoag

      1. Winter hunting

      1. Cooking- how would they eat it?

      1. Fishing

  1. Chores

    1. Pilgrims

      1. Winter:

      1. Fire

      1. Water

    1. Wampanoag

      1. Winter:

      1. Water

  1. School

    1. Pilgrim

      1. Schools/ lessons

    1. Wampanoag

      1. Importance of Learning

      1. Pniesog

      1. Kouhquodtash

  1. Games

    1. Pilgrims

    1. Wampanoag


How did these two groups co-exist? What could they learn from each other?
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