The hunger games and American Colonies comparison

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The hunger games and American

Colonies comparison

By Ian Young

In the book The Hunger Games there are 12 districts with one district missing that people do not know about. They had thought that it was destroyed. These districts are divided up by what resources they create. Each district has its own resource such as district 12 in a coal mining district, district 2 is a masonry district, district 10 is the livestock district, and district 4 is a fishing district. The districts trade with each other but give most of the resources they make go to the capitol.

Compared to the hunger games, the 13 colonies of American in the beginning of the new world are somewhat similar. The American colonies create their own goods in their different colonies based on their geography. New Jersey and the Carolinas would be more for fishing since they live on the coast as Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia would be more for farming since they are more inland. These colonies would trade with each other so that they could have resources that they couldn’t get themselves and they would get supplies and resources in return. They could also trade with England or across the ocean through New York’s harbor which was there main trading route.

In the hunger games the country is called Panem and it’s in North America so the land is the same as the 13 colonies had. So they had the same kind of land except Panem is all of the U.S.A and Canada unlike in the beginning of the 13 colonies they only had the east coast. But almost half of the districts are close to where the 13 colonies were but it’s about the same around the country there isn’t a big extreme. The 13 colonies didn’t have all the things that Panem did. They didn’t have coal mining, electronics, luxuries, or nuclear technology. Panem is a very corrupt country unlike the 13 colonies. The thing is that at the beginning of the 13 colonies they were kind of corrupt

Panem is ruled by the capitol. The capitol is an oligarchy and they take all the wealth and resources from the districts. The districts mostly have to supply themselves with the resources they can get. The capitol is this really nice and beautiful place with a plentiful amount of anything. The districts look like post-apocalypse areas with not much food or nice buildings, just wood shacks. America’s government was to help the people and support them so the colonies were very wealthy. This wasn’t always true at the beginning. America was in major debt and didn’t have the money to pay it off but eventually became very plentiful.

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