The ‘Life’ (ζηωη-Jhwh) Project

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The ‘Life’ (ζηωη-Jhwh) Project
This article was written and uploaded to this Website on April 15, 2011. I will be rather talkative in this article and refer to things that have been mentioned in other, previous articles but from a different angle. In case these items seem to vary from those mentioned in other documents, remember: this is their latest edition.
This is the same project mentioned in other references as the ‘Adamite project’. Obviously, ‘Adamite’ is not the name chosen by the designers and managers of the project but chosen because of ‘Adam’, not the name of a man but the characterization of the race by its older neighbors, the Chaldeans, meaning ‘Fire-red’. The Adamite equivalent is ‘Phoenix’.
It was called the Life Project’ because it was intended for the salvation of the human species on Earth, to spare them from the fate of other planets and solar systems in Lucifer’s Planetary System, (referred to as the ‘System of Satania’ in the book of ‘Urantia’; see last page). Having decided to be talkative, I will explain why it is called the ‘System of Satania’: Satan (of multiple copies) is Lucifer’s personal envoy to the Planetary Princes of the System and it is him that they know. Lucifer does not leave his capital to make the rounds of his various planets. Satan is Lucifer’s software twin, yet his subordinate, executing his instructions. Satan does not decide or plan the affairs or the projects of the System.
One planet that was destroyed, blown up from within, was Lubadon the fifth planet of our solar system, between Mars and Jupiter, 72 million years ago. The splatter on the weaker side of its crust cooled quickly to form the irregularly shaped asteroids, whilst the big chunk on the opposite side is our Moon, which was steered here after Lubadon’s destruction. A solar system that was destroyed fairly recently was the one observed by astronomers towards the end of January 2004, swallowed up by a black hole in the Orion constellation. That black hole was artificial and took between 3500 and 4000 years to gather its full strength.
These were not the only losses in Lucifer’s System. Why were they destroyed? What was the reason? We have mentioned the reason in various articles as ‘Lucifer’s transgression’. Why would an Archangel, administrator of a Planetary System, a high-ranking officer, transgress? This could not be due to bad intentions. Lucifer underestimated the aggressively competitive nature of immature humans and, in spite of repeated warnings from higher up, trusted them with higher powers and knowledge prematurely; powers that they could not handle safely. Lucifer disregarded the warnings and proceeded with his plans because he thought he knew better. So, it was not due to ill intent but due to arrogance.
The only cause of non-accidental destruction of coordinated systems is this arrogance of knowing better about what is right and wrong, good and evil or just and unjust. You see, each of us has a different point of view of things and different reference recognition files for every situation. Hence, everybody is right in his own eyes, each a different right and, if this personal right is placed above the rules of hierarchy or the Protocol of the System, the result is continuous conflicts, followed by wars that escalate to the available means of destruction. With higher technology, this leads to the definite destruction of the coordinated System.
If this is the cause of all these destructions, why create humans aggressively competitive instead of gentle as lambs? A designer species must keep its numbers low. Large crowds choke individuality. To survive in small numbers a species must exhibit some aggression, to inspire awe and respect. Further, a certain degree of aggression is necessary for motivation.
This brings me to the reason why gods, (very advanced immortal designers), choose to incarnate or create incarnates in their own likeness. Having acquired the freedom of their Universe for eternity, why do they bother to confine their consciousness in the lower levels of high density, constraint and the limited memory of a fleeting incarnate existence?
The answer is simple: Precisely for the advantages of such a temporary confined existence!
Can you imagine how boring eternal bliss would become? Having experienced everything imaginable countless times and remembering it all, what fun is there after that? The great and exclusive advantages of a short incarnate state, with limited memory, are the excitement and fascination of discovery and the gratification and joy of overcoming challenges.
Just think of the stories and legends that have fascinated you since childhood: Of gallant men or princes that fought great dangers and monsters and prevailed to return to their loved ones or princesses. Remember the Odyssey? A ten-year perilous journey, filled in with imaginary dangers, monsters and temptations, to finally reach Ithaca, to faithful Penelope and dear son Telemachus. What do we hear of Odysseus after that or of the other princes and heroes at the end of these fascinating adventures? Just a short sentence: “They lived happily ever after”. What fun or fascination is there in that? No wonder it is summed up in a short sentence!
Is the “happy ever after” so unimportant or dull or void of pleasure and happiness? Of course not. There is a difference between pleasure and joy. You feel pleasure when you experience an agreeable object of attention, like listening to a beautiful piece of music. Joy is the feeling of achieving the intended goal of your efforts, like playing yourself that same beautiful piece of music. Joy is the best ingredient of happiness. (Bathing naked in a mirror-calm lake is cool but it cannot compare with challenging the surf).
So, in their “happy ever after”, gods as well as designer humans can have plenty of joys, channeling their efforts in their imaginative creations but, as these creations are designed by them, they are predictable and lack the fascination of discovery. Yes, you may say, but the fascination belongs to the incarnate human of limited memory. What is there in it for his creator? You can easily figure out the answer yourselves, if you are parents. It is the sharing due to identification of the father with the son. You have been to the beach countless times and you have observed the colorful pebbles and shells on the beach so many times that you are no longer fascinated. You may not even notice them any more. Then you take your five-year old son to the same beach. The child is excited and fascinated with the discovery of these beautiful little things and you, though you have seen them a thousand times, share in your son’s fascination. The parents’ greatest joy is to see their children happy and successful. With those that we identify, as part of us, we are communicating vessels.
Competitiveness among immature humans leads to aggressive contestations and wars, which naturally escalate to the limit of the available means of destruction. To avoid this disastrous eventuality, the mature wisdom of the Elders of society must provide a safety net for their competitive juveniles. For this purpose, a protocol of hierarchy is drawn up for every human coordinated system and it is imperative to follow its rules, even enforce them.
What happens when power is in the hands of aggressively competitive immature humans? You can see yourselves the insatiable predator idiosyncrasy of today’s powerful of the World. They never seem to have enough. Even after amassing billions they want more billions. Then they indulge in all sorts of sensual pleasures. But sensual pleasures do not last. So they seek the sensations offered by more intense experiences; just like drug addicts.
They eventually come to the control game. I have watched members of the ‘Committee of the Majority’, the 33-member top-ranking Freemason body that controls all governments in the Western World, decide the recent simultaneous uprisings in the Arab world. They always have plans for raids against the weaker of the World, mainly to spend their stockpiles of weapons and secure more contracts for the military industry, which they largely own: i.e. a profit incentive. This is also why they finance terrorist organizations, like Al Queda, to provide excuses for such raids. They decided the ‘Arab Spring’ over whiskey and cigar, like players of war games. It was just a ‘control exercise’.
This is very worrying. Where will this control game lead to? Their next bright idea in World planning and control could be the systematic decrease of population, seeing that overpopulation is Earth’s cardinal problem. They have already prepared some preliminary plans for this, though I don’t think that the Committee is ready for it yet. (The breeding of potent virus streaks, like the Ebola, and spaying them over selected areas is mainly intended for profits of their pharmaceutical industries and as tests for a possible biological warfare).
Actually, the situation on the planet has become so bad that unless something is done soon, (not by the Committee), human society will destroy itself in about 100-150 years or so. (See ‘Individual’s aspirations – Humanity’s Doom). The cleansing of this mess is part of the ‘Life’ project, as it has been adapted to follow the accumulated effects of the delays. It will be assigned to the Angels of the solar system, who have the means to handle their own emergencies. It will involve a lot of death and destruction. Not only there are only a few in the present generation that fulfill the criteria for the future society but room has to be made for those that reached the criteria in past generations and will be given a place as promised.

I think we have detoured enough to go over what should be familiar ground and refresh it. Let us go back to our main subject: the ‘Life’ project. First of all, let us understand something about ‘Life’: (not what Life is; this is the subject of Part Three of my book ‘The Origin of the Universe-Matter and Consciousness’.) We shall confine ourselves to a most basic thing about Life. As a phenomenon, Life is the automatic result of natural Causes and not the result of Purpose, as you may erroneously believe. It is just like a river flowing to the sea. The river flows to the sea, not because it has set the sea as its purpose but because of the slope and gravity. (The causes of the phenomenon of Life are explained in the cited book). However, there can be a number of projects set up along the river and each one of these does have a purpose. Such may be a pedaled wheel for turning a mill, an irrigation dam, a hydroelectric power station, even facilities for canoeing, rafting and other pleasure activities. Pleasure activities are also projects with a purpose: as with the river so with Life. Have fun.
Following the destruction of the fifth planet of our solar system, human life was planned on Earth, after its ecosystem was properly prepared, taking into account also the effects of the Moon, mainly atmospheric tides that decide the new climate and weather. After long experiments with other primates, the creation of designer humans started, around 110000 years ago, with the gatherer races first. (See ‘Synoptic History’). Lucifer established a civilization in Lemuria in the Pacific, which eventually developed out of control and had to be destroyed. Having learnt something from his mistakes, Lucifer attempted the pilot project of Atlantis on a mall scale first, to be extended eventually over the whole planet in stages, if successful. Higher Authorities beyond Lucifer’s System took an interest in the project and undertook to monitor it through Poseidon, (who was soon removed by Lucifer).
The Atlantis project evolved out of control and had to be destroyed. Lucifer made the same mistake. The ‘Life’ project was then set up, under a high-ranking representative of the Heavenly Father, one of the Great Old Ones, sent to help Lucifer. Lucifer gave him the name Rwanem-999, a rank name for planetary System Archangel (999), with authority to make his own plans for the project, yet under Lucifer’s close supervision. (Calicastia-99 the planetary prince had no such authority). Suggestions were invited for the project from a number of planetary System Archangels, which Lucifer incorporated into his own.
After consultations, the project was finalized as follows: In order to help human progress, but slowly, to give them time to

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