The Mystery of Easter Island

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The Mystery of Easter Island

What’s Between the Lines?

The Mystery of Easter Island tells us about strange, mysterious statues that were found on a tiny island in the South Pacific. Place a check () in the blank next to the phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. Easter Island is a tiny spot on the map because

_______ it is a very small area of land.

_______ it is not an important place.

_______ it hasn’t existed for very long.

2. Three Dutch ships reached the island in 1722. The word “Dutch” means

_______ from Germany.

_______ from Portugal.

_______ from Holland.

3. There was hardly any wood on the island because

_______ the islanders didn’t know how to plant trees.

_______ the island was barren; it was difficult for anything to grow there.

_______ all the wood there had been sold.

4. Easter Island got its name from the fact that

_______ the statues on the island look like bunnies.

_______ the explorers who named it landed there on an Easter Sunday.

_______ it is located 1,600 kilometers east of the nearest island.

5. The “mystery” of Easter Island is that no one knows for sure

_______ how the statues were created or who created them.

_______ where it is located.

_______ how much longer the statues will remain on the island.

What’s Between the Lines?

Fill in the correct words from the word bank below to complete this passage about The Mystery of Easter Island.

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