The Renaissance and the Age of Exploration, 1450-1520

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AP European History

UNIT 1 STUDY GUIDE -- “The Renaissance and the Age of Exploration, 1450-1520”

  1. Timeline: 3-4 weeks

  1. Area of Emphasis: The Black Death; the Hundred Years’ War; the decline of the Church’s prestige; the life of the people; vernacular literature, evolution of the Italian Renaissance; intellectual hallmarks of the Renaissance; art and the artists; social change; Renaissance in the North; politics and the state in Renaissance (ca 1450-1521); discovery reconnaissance, and expansion; later explorers

  1. Chapters: 12, 13 and 15 (pp. 502-19)

  1. Key Terms: Listed below are important events, people, and terms you need to know for this unit as you outline the chapter. Optional extra credit: create flashcards for 35 of these words. You must create flashcards for the terms in bold print and then you may select any other terms you wish to complete the 35. You should have the term on one side and the term’s definition as well as significance to European history on the other side. Not all of the terms will be in your textbook. Extra credit flashcards are due the day of the unit exam. Completion of extra credit flash cards for each unit makes you eligible for a 2% bump in your scholarship grade at the end of the semester.

Download 21.33 Kb.

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