The six pilgrims

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The Six Pilgrims:
All Saints ALFORD, Holy Cross BABCARY,

St Peter HORNBLOTTON, St Thomas a Becket LOVINGTON,

Deanery; Bruton and Cary, Diocese; Bath and Wells,

Appointment of a Priest in Charge of the Six Pilgrims
Background :

  • In 1993 the Six Pilgrims began a new life under the leadership of a retired priest. It was agreed that the priest would provide the pastoral and liturgical input whilst the laity would run everything that did not require a priest. The idea being that apart from gentle guiding and leadership from the priest, the nitty-gritty of parochial activity such as finance, benefice events etc would be undertaken by the laity, leaving the priest free to be simply “a parish priest”

  • We believe this arrangement has great merit, borne out by the fact that we have had only three ‘retired’ priests in the intervening period who have been highly successful in moulding individual parishes together and thoroughly enjoying their ministry with us

  • In 2015, 22 years later, this deal remains our guiding principle in the relationship we seek to offer our new priest

The following is designed to give you a brief guide to our situation. We would encourage anyone interested to contact and visit us; join us at a service and get a feel for who we are or speak to Simon Hoar, Chairman – of the Six Pilgrims or to the Rural Dean.

Who are we?

  • A total residential population of just over 700 souls

  • This corner of Somerset is very rural; the working backbone is still farming plus small local businesses focussed on Castle Cary, Somerton, Glastonbury and Yeovil; military (Fleet Air Arm at Yeovilton) and a few weekly commuters to London. Within the Six we have two village pubs, a micro brewery, a small ice cream factory and an artisan bakery - but no shops!

  • The Benefice demographics cover a wide social spectrum: families with children, single parents, single households young to elderly, retired locals and retired to the area

  • A lively Church of England primary school of about 60 pupils at Lovington

  • Children’s play groups and nursery school

  • Active village communities with many local events: 3 village halls, two playing fields, social get-togethers, sports days, fun runs, musical concerts, fetes, bazaars etc

  • To see pictures (and lots more) of the Six Pilgrims people at play go to our website at: This site is our next project; to develop and reach out to the wider village community

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