The six pilgrims

The Diocese of Bath and Wells

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The Diocese of Bath and Wells
The Diocese of Bath and Wells is centred on the beautiful medieval city of Wells, the smallest city in England. The Diocese has a spacious modernized Diocesan Office where an extensive programme of continuing ministerial training is available for Clergy and Readers. Under our recently retired Diocesan Bishop a policy of ‘no one alone’ has been fostered and modelled at the highest level. Since rural ministry can sometimes be isolated, the idea of Clergy working more closely together across parish and Benefice boundaries has been encouraged.
There are also opportunities for training, development and mentoring for those new to Rural Ministry through the Diocesan School of Formation. Opportunities for study leave and sabbaticals are also provided along with an excellent network of pastoral care for Clergy and their families.

How do I apply?
We welcome applications from suitable candidates irrespective of age, gender, marital status, national origin or tradition of worship for the above position.
We are hoping and praying for a new priest to accompany us on the next stage of our journey, if after prayerful consideration you feel this may be you for further conversation please contact either:
Archdeacon of Wells Rural Dean

Ven Nicola Sullivan Revd Rose Hoskins

6 The Liberty Springfield

Wells Weston Bamfylde

Somerset BA5 2SU Somerset BA22 7HZ
Tel: 01749 685147 Tel: 01963 440026
Email: Email:
Simon Hoar

Chairman of the Six Pilgrims

The Shieling



TA117EA Tel: 07904 344453 Email: November 2015

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