The Women’s Suffrage Movement Power Point Station Activity

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The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Power Point Station Activity

Directions: In groups work together to obtain the answers for all questions in the boxes. You only have 8 minutes to work at each station (there are 6 stations in total). Group members need to first read the directions for the task at each station, skim the questions, focus on completing the station activity, and last answer the related questions. Discuss each answer amongst group members before recording it on your papers. I will be around to help.
The Music Station: First skim the four questions for this station activity. Play track #3 on the Tears for Fears CD. It is a song called Woman in Chains. Use these song lyrics to answer the questions below:

  1. List a few of the lyrics that stand out to you.

  1. Pull out the symbols and explain underlying meanings. For example, what do chains symbolize or mean?

  1. According to the song lyrics in society who is hurt?

  1. What does the singer mean by “lying and waiting is a poor man’s deal”?

The Big Changes Needed” Reading Station: Skim through the six questions for this activity. Read together out loud through this handout pp.27-29 and complete the questions below:

  1. How did doing charitable work help women?

  1. What was the women’s movement about?

  1. Why did Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton start the Revolution, the first newspaper run by women?

  1. What challenges did Emily Stowe face wanting to become a doctor?

  1. List Susan La Flesche’s skills.

  1. What significant contributions did Harriet Tubman make in her lifetime?

The important Dates in Women’s Rights Movement: Together read through the chronology compiled by Mary Ruthsdotter, “Years of Hope, Years of Struggle” and decide as a group on the 5 most important dates of the Women’s Rights Movement.

Date Event Date’s Importance

1. ______________ ____________________ __________________
2. ______________ ____________________ __________________
3. ______________ ____________________ __________________
4. ______________ ____________________ __________________
5. ______________ ____________________ __________________

The Movie Station: Watch the next 8 minutes of “The Susan B. Anthony Story” and create two questions based on the video. Yes, write in the answers to your questions too!
1. Your question:
Your answer:

2. Your question:

Your answer:

Women Need Not Participate!” Reading Station: Skim through the five questions for this activity. Read together out loud through this handout and complete the questions below:

  1. How did the Abolitionist Movement help to forward the Women’s Rights Movement in the United States?

  1. What happened at the World Anti-Slavery Convention that caused the women who attended to organize their own convention at Seneca Falls in 1848?

3. In Resolution 9 (a document) women ask for their right to vote. How would the right to vote give them equality with men? Do you think that it did?

4.Was women’s suffrage important during the United State’s Civil War? Why or why not?

  1. What did women activists like Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony believe would happen once the U.S. Civil War ended?

The Suffragist Movement Power Point Presentation: Skim through the 8 questions first! Together read through the power point presentation pausing to answer the questions as you go. There are 10 slides to see so don’t dawdle!

  1. Slide 2: What building can be seen in the background?

  1. Slide 4: Do you think the woman on the horse is a symbol? Explain.

  1. Slide 5: What indicates the type of help the suffragists needed? What do the facial expressions suggest?

  1. Slide 7: what did “the apotheosis of suffrage mean?”

  1. Slide 8: What fears are being tweaked (awakened)?

  1. Slide 10: Who are these three women?

  1. According to the women winning the national vote worldwide slide: With the formation of which country did women earn the right to vote.

  1. Read the slide titled women are working on the right to be elected: What year did women in the U.S. earn the right to vote?

  1. Discussion question: What year do you predict the U.S. will elect a woman to the presidency?

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