These are the dates which topics will be discussed and assignments are due and tests will be given

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AP European

2nd Nine week Syllabus

These are the dates which topics will be discussed and assignments are due and tests will be given

Grade distributions: Quiz 15% (included are the reading questions)

FRQ 30%

DBQ 30%

Cumulative multi choice 15%

Participation 10%

Wednesday 30th ---- INCLASS DBQ --- any topic from the start of the class
Thursday 31st ---- The Elite and popular culture

(Palmer: 7.31; Mastering 73-74 exercises 4.2.1-4.2.3)

Friday 1st ---- The Global Economy of the Eighteenth Century


Monday 4th ----- Western Europe after Utrecht, 1713-1740

(Palmer: 7.33 and primary source readings about aftermath of Utrecht)

Tuesday 5th ---- The Great War of the Mid-Eighteenth Century: The Peace of Paris, 1763

(Palmer: 7.34 and Primary Source and secondary source readings dealing with the impact of these wars; Mastering 109-110 and 127-129)

Wednesday 6th ---- Enlightenment, Voltaire, Smith, Rousseau, and everybody else: The

Philosophes --- and Others

(Palmer 8.35 and primary source readings Docs #1)

Thursday 7th ---- Enlightenment --- Bright new light or dim bulb?

(Becoming Visible: Chapter 9; Doc packet #2)

Friday 8th ---- Enlightened Despotism: France, Austria, Prussia and Russia

(Palmer: 8.36-37; Doc packet #3)
Monday 11th ---- Enlightened Despots or educated monarchs?

(Ascher 66-79; Fredrick II “Benevolent Despotism”; Interpretations of the Enlightenment; Mastering exercise 4.2.4)

Tuesday 12th ---- Poof… Poland is gone: The Partitions of Poland and New Stirrings:

The British Reform Movement

(Palmer: 8.38 and 8.39 and primary source documents illustrating the different views of the partition of Poland; Mastering exercise 3.3.4)

Wednesday 13th ---- FRQ on Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

Thursday 14th ---- The American Revolution

(Palmer: 8.40 and primary source readings --- European perspective)

Friday 15th ---- Background to the French Revolution

(Palmer: 9.41, Matthews: 1-24; Todd 1-6 “What is revolution”; primary and secondary source readings on the Old Regime)

Monday 18th ---- The French go nuts …..The Revolution and Reorganization of


(Palmer: 9.42, Matthews: 24-37; primary source readings and secondary source readings)

Tuesday 19th --- The French … wimps or oppressed masses?

(Todd: 7-11, 21-23, 32-34 and discussion on legitimacy of first stage of the revolution --- Burke, Paine, and others)

Wednesday 20th --- The Revolution and Europe: The War and the “Second” Revolution, 1792.

(Palmer: 9.43; Todd: 72-74 and primary sources on the European impressions of the French Revolution)

Thursday 21st ---- The Emergency Republic, 1792-1795: The Terror

(Palmer: 9.44, Matthews: 38-43)

Friday 22nd ---- The Terror; would Martha Stewart approve (was it a “good thing”)

(Matthews: 43-52; Todd: 59-61 and primary and secondary sources on the Terror and the Thermidorian Reaction)
NO SCHOOL NOVEMBER 25th THROUGH December 2nd ---

Assignment: Mastering the Essay --- exercises 4.3.1-4.3.4 (directions are on page 77)

Please type
Tuesday 3rd ---- The Constitutional Republic: The Directory

(Palmer 9.45, Matthews: 52-72)

Wednesday 4th ---- What is it about short guys on white horses? The Authoritarian

Republic: The Consulate, 1799-1804

(Palmer: 9.46, Matthews: 75-89; Todd: 99-100)

Thursday 5th ---- “The French are coming … The French are coming …” The Formation of the French Imperial System

(Palmer: 10.47, Matthews: 89-93 and 95-102)

Friday 6th ---- The Grande (that means BIG) Empire: Spread of the Revolution

(Palmer: 10.48, Matthews: 102-108)
Monday 9th ---- The Continental System: Britain and Europe

(Palmer: 10.49)

Tuesday 10th ---- The National Movements: Germany

(Palmer: 10.50; Ascher 80-89 (Stop at Domestic Reform)

Wednesday 11th ---- Napoleon … “You’re Fired!”

The Overthrow of Napoleon: The Congress of Vienna

(Palmer: 10.51, Matthews: 108-121, Napoleon Docs)

Thursday 12th ---- Was Napoleon a logical outcome of the French Revolution

(Todd: 111-114, Becoming Visible: Chapter 10)

Friday 13th ---- FRQ on French Revolution and Napoleon

Monday 16th ---- The Industrial Revolution in Britain

(Palmer: 11.52, Harrit and Matthew: Chapters 1-3)primary and secondary sources on the reflections on the Industrial Revolution)

Tuesday 17th ---- Continued discussion of the Industrial Revolution --- Is it a revolution?

(Todd: 1-6; Ascher 89-95)

Wednesday 18th ---- The Advent of the “Isms”

(Palmer: 11.53)

Thursday 19th ---- “Isms” are just like belly buttons … everyone has one

(Harvie and Matthew: Chapters 4 and 6-7; primary sources on the “isms”; flow chart)

Friday 20th ---- The Dike and the Flood: International

(Palmer: 11.54 and 11.55; Matthews 150-171)

Over break read the following in the Worldly Philosopher: Introduction and Chapters 3 and 4: be sure to write a 3 page summary of the reading emphasizing the ideas of each of economists… use ONLY Worldly Philosophers as your source.


Monday 6th --- The Breakthrough of Liberalism in the West: Revolutions of 1830-


(Palmer: 11.56; Matthews 171-191 and Ascher 96-105 (Stop at Crimean War)

Tuesday 7th --- Triumph of the West- European Bourgeoisie

(Palmer: 11.57)

Wednesday 8th --- Paris: The Specter of Social Revolution in the West

(Palmer: 12.58, primary sources and secondary sources; 2 page summary of The Worldly Philosophers due)

Thursday 9th ---- Vienna: The Nationalists Revolution in Central Europe and Italy

(Palmer: 12.59, primary and secondary sources)

Friday 10th ---- Frankfurt and Berlin: The Question of Liberal Germany

(Palmer: 12.60, primary and secondary sources; have all of the sections from Todd on the Revolutions of 1848 read)

Monday 13th ---- in class DBQ --- on Germany before the 1848 Revolutions

Tuesday 14th ---- Class discussion ---- How much are the revolutions of 1848 and outgrowth of the French Revolution? Are these Revolutions proof that the French Revolution failed?

Wednesday 15th ---- The new Toughness of Mind: Realism, Positivism, Marxism

(Palmer: 12.61; Worldly Philosophers Chapters 5 and 6 and primary sources of realism and positivism)

Thursday 16th ---- 2nd nine week cumulative multiple choice

Friday 17th ---- Marx

(excerpts from Marx and secondary sources on the impact of Marx)

Monday 20th ----- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 21st ---- FRQ on Industrial Revolution to Marx

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