Three Major Points: recreational activities, pleasant location, economical lodging Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement - Examples

Subject: The Best Place for the Perfect Family Vacation

Focused Topic: 

Three Major Points: recreational activities, pleasant location, economical lodging

Thesis Statement: The best place for the perfect family vacation is Yosemite because of the fun recreational activities, the beautiful scenery in a pleasant location, and the economical lodging available.

Subject: A Memorable Moment

Focused Topic: The Day I Go My Driver's License

Three Major Points: 

Thesis Statement: One moment I'll never forget was the time I spent in the Department of Motor Vehicles facing unpleasant surroundings, never-ending lines, and rude people as I tried to get my first driver's license.

Fill in the Subject, Focused Topic, and Three Major Points based on the thesis below.


Focused Topic: 

Three Major Points: 

Thesis Statement: If you're looking for the best campsite, there are three important factors to consider: the availability of recreational activities, the attractiveness of the location, and the closeness of basic amenities.

Write your own thesis with the provided information.

Subject: Sports and Activities

Focused Topic: My Three Favorite Activities

Three Major Points: soccer, biking, roller blading

Thesis Statement: 

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