Took the law into their own hands

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Chapter 12 Test

Took the law into their own hands vigilantes

Official order decree

Gold seekers forty-niners

Huge Mexican properties ranchos

A meeting rendezvous

Green River Explorer Jim Beckworth

Army officer who sparked interest in California John C Fremont

Brought measles epidemic to Cayuse by accident Marcus Whitman

First American trader to reach Santa Fe William Becknell

Brought first American settlers to Texas Stephen Austin

How did mountain men make their living?

Fur trappers

Founded by the Mormons, which city was originally called Deseret?

Salt Lake City

Oregon Country is which direction from California?


Reports of what persuaded many Americans to settle in Oregon country?

Fertile land

What did the United States insist was the border between the United States and Mexico?

Rio Grande

Which was the last country to challenge U.S. control of Oregon?


Which of the following allowed people from both Britain and the United States to settle in Oregon country?

Joint occupation

Commander in chief of the Texas forces was who?

Sam Houston

Which people made huge profits during the Gold Rush?


Who led the Mormon migration to the Great Salt Lake area?

Brigham Young


Who were the forty-niners, and why did they come to California?

Forty-niners were people looking for gold who arrived in California in 1849.

How did President James K. Polk get Americans to go to war with Mexico?

President Polk wanted to provoke Mexico into taking military action first. This way, he could justify the war to Congress and the American people. Polk ordered General Taylor and his troops to the disputed borderland between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande, where they built a fort. A month later, Mexican soldiers attacked a small force of Taylor’s soldiers. Polk used this as the reason to declare war on Mexico.

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