Trousdale County Schools Focused Lesson Plan 2015-16

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Trousdale County Schools Focused Lesson Plan 2015-16

Teacher: Heather Smith

Unit Name: Progressive Era

Unit #: 2

Unit Length: 6 Weeks

Week:     8/31-9/4

Week __2___ of __6____

Subject:      American History

Tennessee State Standard(s) to be taught: (Write the entire standard)
US.10 Analyze the similarities and differences between the ideologies of Social Darwinism and Social Gospel. (C, E, P)

US.11 Using textual evidence, compare and contrast the ideas and philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. (C, P)

US.12 Explain the characteristics and impact of the Granger Movement and Populism, including the problems between farmers and the railroads, the call for banking reform, support for a graduated income tax, and regulation of public utilities. (E, H, P)

US.13 Describe the rise of trusts and monopolies, their subsequent impact on consumers and workers, and the government’s response, including the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. (E, P)

US.14 Describe working conditions in industries, including the use of labor by women and children. (C, E)

US.15 Analyze the rise of the labor movement, including its leaders, major tactics, and the response of management and the government: (C, E, H, P, TN)

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