Truth is powerful and it prevails

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Taryn Massey

Mrs. Minor

April 21, 2016
Who Was Sojourner Truth?
“Truth is powerful and it prevails.” Who said this? You got it. Sojourner Truth. Do you know who that is? You will find out in the paper. This paper will be about Sojourner Truth as you might know her. You’ll find out even more about her here.

Isabella (aka: Sojourner) was born in Ulster County, NY in 1797. She died on November 26, 1883 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Born into slavery, to James and Betsey Baumfree, Belle, as they called her, only spoke dutch. When it came time to sell her, she could not understand her new master, who could speak only english. When she was sold she was only nine years of age. When she was sold to her new master, Belle had fallen in love with a slave with a different master, and secretly met. But, one day Belle’s master caught her and beat her and forced her to marry one of his male slaves, slave Thomas, in 1817, so their children belonged to him.

Soon, they happily had a child. Then, over the next 10 years Belle had 4 more children, the youngest one may have died in infancy. 9 years later, now Sojourner, escaped with her youngest child, Sophie, and was hidden with a Quaker family. Later, her five year old son, Peter was illegally sold to Alabama. Truth was found by her master and was supposed to get sent back, but the Quaker family she stayed with agreed to buy her. Then, she told herself “I feel baptized.”

Later, she had returned Sophie to her family to rescue her sold son. Truth and her son were put in a trial. Sojourner was the first black woman to win a court case.

Truth also did many jobs. She worked as a domestic, found religion, and became a street corner preacher. Truth also joined a utopia community, acquired a lot of knowledge of the Bible, and worked along with the Garrison abolitionists and sang gospel songs.

She did do a lot of things. And all of the jobs she did helped. Sojourner was an abolitionist and helped stop slavery. Everybody that did vote for slavery now thought it was bad. She made them change their minds about slavery.

In the beginning, Sojourner Truth was treated badly, with different masters, being sold illegally, and doing illegal work for very mean people. Soon, she turned her life around doing good things to make slavery illegal. Gladly, it worked, maybe with a little help from Mr. Lincoln.That was a long time ago and it made something change and in the future it payed off. Until other protests occurred which is making things bad again. It’s history. Simple history.

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