Unit 3 qualifier: The Medieval World short answer/essay

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UNIT 3 QUALIFIER: The Medieval World


Please answer each question thoroughly and accurately, in complete sentences with the appropriate grammar. Attach additional paper, if extra space is needed.

1. Why were the Umayyad unpopular at the time Mu’awiya became caliph?

2. What steps did the Umayyad take to strengthen their rule over the caliphate?

3. Why might many Jews and Christians have converted to Islam after Muslims conquered their region?

4. How did the Crusades weaken Muslim rule?

5. How did women’s rights change under Islam?

6. What was Islam’s position on slavery?

7. Why did scholarship thrive in the Muslim world?

8. Why did Muhammad leave Mecca?

9. Describe the Five Pillars of Islam.

10. How did Muslims treat non-Muslims in lands they conquered?

11. What factors contributed to the growth and wealth of Constantinople?

12. What was the Nika Revolt, and how did Justinian survive the crisis?

13. What were two issues that divided the eastern and western churches?

14. Describe one of the three invasions the Rus faced in the 1200s.

15. How did the fall of Rome affect western Europe?

16. What did Alfred the Great achieve in England?

17. What contributions did Benedictine monasticism make to Europe?

18. What factors allowed the Eastern Roman Empire to thrive even after the Western Roman Empire was conquered?

19. Summarize how Christianity spread in Russia.

20. Describe the duties a knight had to his lord and the duties a lord had to his knights.

21. What was the significance of Magna Carta?

22. How did Charlemagne create a unified Christian empire?

23. Describe the system of laws developed under Charlemagne.

24. What caused feudalism to emerge in Europe?

25. What did a typical medieval manor include?

26. Describe the work of peasant women in medieval Europe.

27. What led to the split in the Christian Church in 1054?

28. Summarize the causes and effects of the plague.

29. What do you think motivated the Crusaders taking part in the Fourth Crusade? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.

30. What political changes occurred as a result of the Crusades?

31. Why did merchants found new towns during the medieval period?

32. What was the primary function of medieval guilds?

33. Describe the interiors of medieval cathedrals.

34. What were two methods the pope and other religious officials used to fight heresy?

35. What caused the Hundred Years’ War?

36. How did Joan of Arc help change the course of the Hundred Years’ War?

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