Unit 3: The U. S. Constitution & Federalism “Honors” C&G must read both Article 3 & Article 4

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Unit 3: The U.S. Constitution & Federalism
Honors” C&G must read both Article 3 & Article 4.

Respond to one or more questions from each article.

College Prep” C&G read Article 12.

Respond to one or more questions from the Article 12 reading.
Article #3 – Federalist #10, James Madison, The Federalist Papers, 1787.
According to Madison, can the causes of faction be eliminated? Can its effects be controlled?
What, according to Madison, are the two differences between a democracy and a republic?
What are the advantages of a republican form of government? Does Madison advocate a democratic or republican government? Why?
“Extend the sphere and you take in a greater variety of parties and interests.” So begins several sentences that present one of the most central claims in Federalist No. 10. Do you find that claim persuasive? Why or why not?
Article #4 – Federalist #51, James Madison, The Federalist Papers, 1787.
Explain the rationale for what has come to be called the “separation of powers.”
Federalist No. 51 argues that members of one branch should not be involved in the selection of members of another branch. Why, according to Federalist No. 51, is a “deviation” from this principle warranted in the case of the judiciary?
According to Madison, why is a system of independent “departments” (that is, branches) of government with separate powers necessary?
Which branch does Madison believe will be predominant? How does the structure of government outlined in the proposed constitution minimize or remedy the problem of that one branch being too powerful?
Explain what calling the United States a “compound republic” means and summarize the advantages of being a “compound republic.”

*Article #12 – It Is Time to Repair the Constitution’s Flaws, Sanford Levinson, October 13, 2006.
In what structural ways is the U.S. Congress unrepresentative of the population?
Why should the Electoral College be abolished, according to the author? Do you agree or not?
In what ways are the Constitution’s current provisions for replacement of members of Congress a potential problem in the face of a catastrophic attack?
Why is Article V of the Constitution problematic?
What does the author suggest as a potential remedy to the important flaws in the Constitution?

Supplemental Readings & Questions Checklist / Reminders
Workbook Source - Annual Editions: American Government 12/13 Edition
Ability Level Requirements:

  • Honors Civics and Government (0141) students must read all articles related to the unit of study and answer one question from each assigned reading.

  • College Prep Civics and Government (0142) must read one article for each unit of study (the articles with an asterisk) and answer one question pertaining to that article.

Assignment Requirements (Both Honors & College Prep):

  1. Students must read the entire article before responding to the question(s).

  1. As students read the article they need to highlight or underline key information from the article. This will enable the students to refer back to the article when responding to the question(s). The highlighted / underlined articles will be attached to the submitted responses.

  1. Students will complete the graphic organizer for each article that is read. This will also be attached / submitted with the questions.

  1. The question(s) that students selects to respond to will be formatted according to the required guidelines. It is strongly recommended that students type their assignments and run a spelling / grammar check of their responses. All responses need to be double-spaced whether typed or hand written.

  1. Minimum response length per question – Honors – 100-150 words per response, College Prep – 75-100 words per response.

(This must be completed / filled in)



Article Title__________________________________________________________________________________________________


Overall Theme / Subject of the Article:

Assertion(s) / Argument(s) made by the author(s).

(List in complete sentences and in bullet format)


Supporting Evidence offered by author(s).

(List in complete sentences and in bullet format)


Identified Key Terms and Individuals

(List in complete sentences and in bullet format)


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