Unit 5 Study Guide – World History (chapters 13, 14 & 15)

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Unit 5 Study Guide – World History (chapters 13, 14 & 15)
Chapter 13

  1. Who was Charlemagne and what is he remembered for?

Leader who briefly reunited the Roman Empire after it fell. Increased Christianity in Europe and established Monasteries (religious schools).

  1. Describe the Germanic tribes that took over Western Europe prior to the Middle Ages.

Uneducated (could not read or write and not advanced in science, architecture or art). They were called Barbarians. Advancements of Ancient Rome lost.

  1. Describe the relationship between a lord and a vassal.

Lord gave land to the Vassal (land was called a fief). The Vassal was in charge of “managing” the land using the “feudal structure”.

  1. What happened to Western Europe after the Roman Empire fell?

Romans fled the city to the countryside (Population went from 500,000 to 50,000). Trade stopped. People who fled resettled and organized into the feudal system.

  1. Explain Feudalism. Why did it start?

See #2 and #4 and Lords needed a way to protect their land and others a place to live

  1. What was a serf? A fief? A tithe?

Serf – peasant (basically a slave) Fiefland granted by lord to vassal

Tithe – 10% of earnings given to the church

  1. What happened to trade during the Middle ages?

It stopped

  1. Compare and Contrast Feudalism in Japan and Western Europe.

See Notes – basically the same, different names: King/Emperor, Nobles/Daimyo, Knights/Samurai, Peasants/Peasants

  1. How did Feudalism make an insecure life more secure for peasants?

Provided the basics for survival: food, shelter, protection

  1. How did Germanic invasions lead to Feudalism?

See #4
Chapter 14

  1. What was the goal of the Crusades? What were the effects?

To recover Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks. The effect of the crusades is ongoing hostility between Muslims and Christians.

  1. Describe the agricultural advancement made during the middle ages.

Three field system (let one field rest every four years). Farmers produced more food and villagers had more to eat

  1. Cause and effect of the 100 years’ war.

War between England and France. England appointed the king of France. France won the war and put “their” king in place

  1. Describe the cause and effects of the Black Death.

Killed 1/3 of population. Brought an end to the feudal system. It was spread by war and trade who traveled with rats/fleas that spread disease.

Chapter 15

  1. How did the rulers of Ghana become so rich?

Used camels to expand trade routs and taxed goods traders brought through their territory.

  1. Describe a matrilineal society in Africa.

Ancestry traced through the mothers side of the family.

  1. Why did African trade routes shift to the east?

Trade routes shifted to the east because new sources of gold was discovered there.

  1. How did Islam spread throughout Africa?

It spread “naturally” through interactions of Muslims as they moved throughout Africa for conquest or trade.

  1. How did the Swahili language develop?

Blending of Bantu and Arabic languages

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