Unit 8 The Progressive Era (1890’s to late 1910’s/early 1920’s) The Progressive Era

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1) The Granger Movement - farmers who pushed for government regulation of railroads

2) The Populist Party – a new political party started by William Jennings Bryan to represent workers and farmers against railroads, banks and big business, and to get political reforms.

3) The Progressive Movement – Movement where people (Muckrackers) identified and fought against the social, political and economic problems in the United

States due to urbanization (growth of cities) and industrialization (growth of businesses)

4) Theodore Roosevelt - Progressive President (1901-1908) who’s Square Deal Policies broke up monopolies, created the Meat Inspection Act and was also a trustbuster – breaking up monopolies.

5) Trustbusting - when the government uses antitrust acts to break up trusts/monopolies

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