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Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is touchstone on which the real understanding and recognition of Marxism is to be tested. V.I.Lenin

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No 1358 20th Nov 2009 25p fortnightly

Escalated Afghanistan warmongering, despite exposed racket of Karzai “democracy”, and scabbing Labour anti-worker onslaughts are twin aspects of capitalist Slump degeneracy, demanding a revival of revolutionary perspectives

The fake-“left”, Trotskyist and Revisionist wings alike, are being stranded high and dry as capitalist world dominance gets into ever deeper problems from military defeats and the imminent and cataclysmic return of its economic meltdown (only temporarily held back by insane money printing but ready to tip back over the edge at any moment).

Hardly a word is heard from any of them on the catastrophic scale of the unfolding world events and most of all on the revolutionary implications of the unravelling historic disaster that faces imperialism, certainly not in most of their articles and analyses of real world events, or at meetings, and barely at all in even the “special” articles they do in wooden academic style, or the back-of-paper notionally revolutionary “principles” lists.

Exactly the opposite. The same old sterile protest and limited, “democratic”, reform and trade union politics is punted out on every concrete and urgent issue facing the working class, from capitalism’s continuing and escalating international warmongering and domestic repression to specific onslaughts such as the deliberate conspiracy to break the Post Office workers and sell off yet more public assets to the fat cats.

Staggeringly, most of them are once again telling the working class to “vote Labour to keep the Tories out”, or arguing that “left pressure” can change them, even as the foulest scabbing treachery is being organised against Post Office workers and others by the Labourites themselves, (still funded in a couldn’t-make-it-up act of idiocy by the Communications Workers Union and most of the remainder of the TUC, a mark of the depth of treachery of the official Trade Union bureaucracy which is, and has always been intertwined with Labourite petty bourgeois reaction (Old Labour and New Labour flavours)).

If they don’t support Labour directly the fake-“lefts” constantly “call” on the government ”to do something different”, suggesting it can be pressured, or fail to challenge this treacherous nonsense, like Lalkar/Proletarian, happy to put George Galloway on its “Hands Off China” platform and eulogise his Respect, even as he too calls for a vote for “left” Labourism.

What the postmen need, like every other section of the working class, is to understand the full scope and scale of the vicious class, civil war onslaught against them, directed for the ruling class via these disgusting stooge “Labour” and TUC reactionaries, not “Victory to the Postmen” banners.

What the dismayed working and middle class anti-war protesters equally need to understand is that the warmongering chaos being imposed across the planet is an inevitable result of the collapse of an entire historical epoch dominated by the profit system which has reached the end of the road and is collapsing into a catastrophic failure, and that it cannot be stopped except by stopping the entire degenerate class rule of the profit makers and exploiters.

What the campaign to “stop fascist revival” needs to understand is that capitalism itself is the source and generator of all the fascist backwardness on the planet, deliberately encouraging and nurturing the BNP and others via the establishment BBC etc, but as a backstop in case its own already fascist rampaging and torturing across the planet should prove inadequate, though it is in itself far more barbaric and brutal than anything yet managed by the BNP’s racism, etc., – not dangerous illusions that “fascism” is some special manifestation and that if only we could stop that everything would be alright.

Nasty though the racist fascist groups are, it is the whole of capitalism which is the problem, and its “democratic illusions” which are currently being used to justify pumping up the BNP, (as they were used to slip Hitlerism into power) but which equally justify the great anti-communist and “war on terror” blitzings which are a permanent feature of worldwide capitalist oppression at all times, and stepped up even further in the last “shock and awe” decade as imperialism tries to hang on to its supremacy in the face of its biggest crisis ever.

What everyone needs, as the worst devastation of lives and livelihoods in history now grows closer by the minute, is to see and understand that there is no reform possible of a system which is out of time historically and heading for the buffers at runaway speed.

They are not getting any such views from the 57 varieties of fake-“lefts” even now, when there has never been a more glaring confirmation of the truth of the Leninist Marxist perspective.

All of them remain fearful, unprepared, unready and not wanting to confront the working class with the arguments, which are vital to break through the illusions of a century and a half of imperialist super-profit corruption and the modern day saturation of anti-communist lies and shallow celebrity-and-shopping consumerist philistinism.

Because all of them, for all their posturing and posing are petty bourgeois opportunists, nothing to do with revolution and deep down completely fearful of the coming social explosions which will finally rip apart the disgusting class domination of the bankers, industrialists, financiers, bureaucrats, generals and police chiefs, etc etc.

Instead they continue to punt out the old left pressure noises which, equally glaringly, no longer work, (and were only ever a sop to deeper revolutionary instincts and incipient struggle) and which cannot work.

But it is becoming clear to the most slow-witted of observers that a historically unprecedented breakdown of the monopoly capitalist order, which basic Marxist science has always predicted and understood, is no longer just a theoretical possibility “on the cards” but a glaring fact unrolling fast, with a massive burden of cutbacks, unemployment, homelessness, domestic and international repression, torture and police-state surveillance being imposed everywhere in the imperialist countries already, and with much more to come.

That is even before the potential chaotic breakdown and complete disruption of society briefly glimpsed, and fearfully debated by a panicked, blue-funk bourgeoisie last October in the near total collapse of the entire elaborate banking and finance structure of Western imperialism, which the ruling class knows well will return in some form in the coming period, be it through raging inflation or devastating deflation, bank failure, or stock market collapse, or most likely of all the complete meltdown of the dollar, the international trading currency, hammering all the capitalist countries, but most of all the weaker powers (like tiny Iceland, or Ireland and especially sclerotic has-been British imperialism) which will lose out first in the vicious manoeuvring for trade and currency war position now underway.

Meanwhile the disconnected contempt of the ruling class for the plight of ordinary people as it not only continues but steps up its rampaging greed and arrogance is breathtaking, from the ever bigger bonuses being paid out to bankers from the squeezed out taxes and public spending cuts which have been handed over to them, to the shallow Tory chutzpah of declaring “we are all in it together” as they line up a return to workhouse conditions.

Even Maria Antoinette would be gobsmacked at a ruling class that cannot stop itself from continuing its disgusting in your face profiteering greed and rapacity while it forces suffering and savage cuts onto the working class.

Where will it lead?

History would suggest in exactly the same direction that the demented pocket-lining racketeering of the arms makers and food suppliers led in the great world wars: to revolutionary ferment and upheaval.

It can only get worse, as the crisis degenerates into the open war conflict that inter-imperialist rivalry and battling has culminated in throughout the monopoly phase of capitalism, starting with the brutal Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and then the unprecedented destruction and horror of the First and Second World Wars, as the great powers slogged it out to establish the dominant top-dog, simultaneously wiping out the great “surpluses” of capital (to profit making needs) which must always eventually clog up a system of accumulation for profit investment, as Marx brilliantly analysed and demonstrated.

Dominant US imperialism has been winding the world up for such conflict and destruction for a decade, starting with the NATO interventions in former communist Yugoslavia and its bullying bombing runs on tiny Serbia, and following through with the blitzing of Iraq and Afghanistan, sponsored-stooge interventions into Somalia, and the blind-eye turned to Zionist atrocities and genocidal massacres in Gaza and southern Lebanon, all “justified” by assorted lies and fabrications about alleged massacres or “weapons” threats to “our way of life”, most of all the ludicrous exaggerations and demonisation of the “war on terror”.

The point was to wind up overall imperialist intimidation and “shock and awe” punishment to keep the lid on the Near and Middle East and rising Third World rebellion.

But it has been a disaster, achieving exactly the opposite effect in teaching ever wider reaches of the Third World, already reaching a point of development which rejects any further the exploitation and humiliation of imperialist domination, just what arbitrary brutality is the essential nature of imperialism, and at the same time revealing its weakness and incapacity, shattered by a stalemate defeat in Iraq and stirring ever greater insurgency and hatred throughout the Middle East.

Afghanistan is even more a major defeat for imperialism and its lying hypocrisy of “establishing stability, prosperity, and democracy”, its military increasingly set back and its stooge regime mired in corruption and gangster warlord drug-running, and a farcical election racket so smelly that months of cover-up by the Western powers has finally cracked.

As with every other revelation of its true degeneracy and lies the ruling class does not actually pay the price, so that the complete election fixing of gangster boss President Karzai will face any criminal prosecution, any more than MPs will face such or bankers be forced to account for their criminal triggering of the economic crisis (though its cause lies deeper).

Quite the opposite. They get bigger bonuses than ever and Karzai gets to “share” power with one of the challengers, once part of his regime anyway.

The festering stink long ago brought low the Bush/Blair warmongering and forced imperialism onto the back foot.

But despite the notional ending of warmongering aggression, humiliated by rolling quagmire defeat, and its replacement by the “politically correct” Obama presidency, it is already clear that nothing has changed and Obama-ism is not only a direct line continuation of the essential slump/war “shock and awe” fascist “solution” to capitalist slump, but winding it up even further.

Everyone can see it, as revealed by the universal incredulity last month when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Obama presidency, with even the most PC bemused liberal sycophants, reformist supporters and black nationalist apologists utterly dismayed by sheer empty wishful thinking of the award.

Its very desperation to further convince the world that reasonableness and “peacemaking” compromise now prevails simply underlines that exactly the opposite is the case.

The warmongering will not stop, least of all for peace marches and “troops home” banners.

It cannot stop. For the ruling class to pull out of its blitzkrieging would leave its power over the world’s masses openly shattered, and mean an acceptance by the ruling class of a withdrawal from the great neo-colonial oppression and exploitation which sustains its existence of sweet luxury and power.

No ruling class has ever left the world stage without fighting to the bitter end for its own privileges and control, convinced that there can be no future without it and ready to destroy everything to stay on top.

It will use any means possible to survive, any barbarity, any trickery, any lies, any bolstered up fascism.

For the moment that means falling back on the single issue illusions of feminism, black nationalism and “gay rights” so carefully nurtured throughout the artificially sustained post-war boom to fool some sections of the working class, worldwide, (with fake-“left” support and confusion mongering failing to expose the anti-revolutionary diversionary nature of all such issues) personified by Obama-ism.

But the Obama support for the Zionist massacres against the suppressed and endlessly persecuted Arabs in Palestine, and complete failure to hold back further rampaging arrogant settlement colonialism; blind-eye tacit support for renewed CIA coups in Honduras to intimidate the left-leaning (but inadequate) petty bourgeois nationalism in South America; the escalation of the troop levels in Afghanistan and incursions into Pakistan combined with the $7.5bn US aid bribery to recruit the Pakistan army too for more civilian blitzing, mass refugee onslaught on Waziristan; and justification for CIA and military torture and brutalisation etc etc etc , leaves only the most anti-revolutionary with notions that imperialism’s war drive has been contained.

Just the opposite.

As the joint Barack Obama, Gordon Brown press conference recently made clear with its lurid stories of “the threat to us all from Iran” and bullying threats against it of devastating sanctions or even military blitzing, echoing the WMD lies which set up the illegal Iraq war crime onslaughts, this PC black and feminist extension of Clinton/Blair empty spin reformism is ready to push forwards the dirty warmongering scapegoating (and its undertones of anti-Islamic anti-Third World racism – which has been deliberately stirring the scapegoating which feeds the BNP, and the reactionary backward “patriotism” of the English Defence League etc).

Labourism is just as ready to suppress domestic rebellion with the ever more overt surveillance and police state brutality.

The working class, stirring against the Slump impositions needs to understand and develop all these issues.

Currently it is being led into fights with a completely hamstringing class compromising old guard trade union perspective which is making nothing clear about the full devastating scale of the oncoming Slump and the vicious civil war capacity, of the Labourites as well as the ruling class, to put the boot in, as much part of the world warmongering as the endless blitzing in Afghanistan.

If fights like the Post Office or firemen, are to make sense (whatever the immediate outcome) they need to give crucial experience developing revolutionary consciousness.

Everything else, can only be a repeat of the heroic 1984 Miners Strike which was the peak of old style trade unionism, demonstrating the limits of working class fighting ability under the old reformist perspectives.

There is no future for the working class in Labour or assorted attempts to revive “Old Labour”.

The Slump means the ruling class must tear up the old reformist gains for any hope to survive cutthroat international competition battles coming.

The Slump and Third World war mean the working class must tear up its old illusions and build revolution, the only path out of oncoming disaster.

The Soviet Union’s 70 years of titanic cultural, social, scientific, military and industrial achievement showed the world that capitalism and capitalists are not needed. Its demise, not through “economic failure” but revisionist political capitulation showed that what is needed even more is to continue developing Leninism, not “permanent peaceful coexistence” and parliamentary delusions.

Build Leninism.

Don Hoskins

Strike resistance needs class war understanding not picket advice

Smug “advice” from the fake “left” Trots to striking workers, such as Leeds refuse collectors and street cleaners, on how to run their disputes, and calls to “nationalise and occupy”, deliberately disarms the working class of the greatest weapon they have against the most devastating capitalist Slump in history (by avoiding talking about it) – the Marxist-Leninist science of world revolution

The bullying “in your face” contempt from council managers who pay themselves up to £80,000, chief executives getting up to £195,000 and a council leader claiming over £45,800 in allowances, in order to impose savage cuts of up to a third of the salary of some of the most poorly paid local authority workers may have been enough to provoke protests and walk outs in the best of times (not that capitalism ever had “good times” as far as large sections of the working class are concerned), in the current post-October 2008 Crash context, such defiance has a greater urgency for a working class forced to come to the conclusion that it needs to stand up and fight if it is to survive the coming Great Depression crisis.

The spirited indefinite strike defiance of refuse collectors and street cleaners in Leeds (following on from numerous council worker strikes and protests against unfair “single status” job evaluation impositions up and down the country since 2004) exposes the futility of the decades-long trade union reformist and feminist lobbying for “equal pay” as a goal that can be achieved without placing the need to fight for the ending of capitalism at the centre of their campaigns.

This is not to say that equal pay campaigns as such should be opposed. Such protests can have the effect of exposing the inequalities inherent within the capitalist system. They may even result in victories of some sort.

However, capitalism is in the midst of the greatest crisis in its history. Only revolution will stop its plunge into slump and war and only revolution can create the conditions in which women are able to fulfil their full potential (as was witnessed in the Soviet Union and can be seen in Cuba today).

Any campaigning that has the sole aim of reforming capitalism can only divert workers from this revolutionary understanding. And, as such, is completely fraudulent.

The trade union equal pay agreements with local authority employers in 1997 that led to the monstrous attacks on the Leeds refuse workers pay and conditions were heralded at the time as a “new historic deal for council workers” by a trade union reformism that was desperate to ensure that the soon-to-be New Labour Blair regime did not have an embarrassing rough ride from council workers (the deal was signed just before the general election).

However, instead of equalising the pay of the lowest paid female workers up to the level of better paid workers, local authorities up and down the country, using the spectre of massive compensation claims by low paid female workers as an excuse to implement cuts, have been imposing pay deals that equalise pay down; preferring to face off worker disputes led by an ineffectual trade union reformism that is desperately trying to show that its agreements can work – and using those disputes as a justification to further cuts through privatisations.

As long as capitalism was able to maintain its manufactured “boom” by flooding the world economy with insane levels of easy credit, it was able to confuse the working class with the pretence that such disputes were simply part and parcel of the “normal democratic process of negotiation and compromise” leading to “steady progress and a better life for all”.

The Great Crash of October 2008 has shattered all such illusions. It is now clear that the intention all along was to impose the burdens of the coming economic Slump on the working class.

All claims of steady progress towards a “fairer society”, including anti-racism and women’s rights, can now be seen completely bogus and a lie of historic proportions.

Local authorities have long been synonymous with corrupt, back-stabbing, “jobs for the boys (and girls)” cronyism and freemasonry in the eyes of the working class. That corruption, malpractice and mismanagement are endemic is shown by the fact that Private Eye’s “Rotten Boroughs” exposés have been a standard fortnightly feature for many years.

What is now becoming obvious to all but the most dyed in the wool, war-weary, single issue campaigners and fake-“left” opportunist poseurs is that the entire foundation of capitalism’s “democratic” pretences, including local democracy and the welfare state system, on which all pro-Labour trade union reformist illusions rests, is the greatest deception of the working class ever.

The billions upon billions of pounds that Labour claims to have spent on the NHS, for example, were never intended to provide “healthcare for all”. They have, instead, been deliberately siphoned off to multinational companies via PFI agreements and direct privatisations and to Mafiosi drug companies who charge extortionate rates for vital life-saving drugs, equipment and treatments.

The welfare state system was built with sole the purpose of heading the working class away from the Soviet Union inspired revolutionary turmoil that engulfed the world following the international proletariat’s last experience of capitalism at its rawest, in the tent cities and soup kitchens of the 1930s Great Depression and on the blood-soaked battlefields and bombed out cities of World War 2.

The working class is no longer deceived by this welfare state con-trick and so the ruling class, via its pro-establishment political parties (including the ever-so-nice Lib Dems), and in its desperation to return capitalism back to its real state of slump and war in order to “solve” its over-production crisis, is now preparing to tear the entire edifice apart with savage cuts that threatens to throw council workers, postal workers, teachers, nurses and other public sector workers on the dole and close schools, hospitals, residential homes and other vital and ancillary services that make up the welfare state.

This unfolding crisis is creating conditions that are ripe for revolutionary agitation and struggle; not that the working class is hearing any of this from their TU “representatives” at the moment.

The trade union “brothers” and their fake-“left” hangers on insist on maintaining the pretence that it is “business as usual” and that capitalism’s crisis is simply a temporary phenomenon that can be reversed with a few reforms and “pressure from below”.

Solidarity campaigning in Leeds around the council workers dispute and in support of occupying workers at a Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight has been poisoned by such opportunism.

City centre leafleting and days of action in support of workers fighting to defend their jobs can be a highly effective means of exposing the capitalist system, and warning the rest of the working class that the Slump is coming for them as well.

Workers are far more likely to offer solidarity support and action if they can see how a dispute has meaning to their own lives. Only a revolutionary perspective of capitalism’s inevitable and imminent Slump collapse can give that understanding.

But this perspective goes completely over the heads of the fake-“left” Trots that have been descending on picket lines in their droves.

The Alliance for Workers Liberty, for example, is going into the Vestas dispute full throttle – keen to show their environmentalist “credentials”. They are even able to make claims that their agitations played a key role initiating the factory occupations there.

If their leafleting and agitation was able to have some impact, as they say, then telling the workers that factory occupations and direct action campaigns are winnable because the government can be “forced” to honour its promises of “400,000 green jobs” and to make nationalisation of the plant a part of that “pledge” is not only opportunistic, it is treacherous illusion-mongering.

Promoting the establishment’s “Green New Deal” fraud is at least as big a diversion from revolutionary understanding as the official TU “British jobs for British workers” sloganeering around the oil refinery disputes earlier this year, no matter how “progressive” its environmentalist feint sounds. Investing in, or nationalising, environmental companies will have as much chance of staving off the Depression and global war as Roosevelt’s 1930s New Deal did. That is – none at all.

This is not to say that workers should not fight to defend their jobs. Quite the opposite. The more protests against the Slump and mass unemployment the better. However, to spread illusions about capitalism’s ability to reform itself (via environmentalism, in this case) is counter-revolutionary.

Bowing to the spontaneity of worker protests and refusing to inject revolutionary politics into their fight (as the AWL is doing) only serves the interests of the ruling class. Without the struggle for revolutionary understanding, the working class will naturally incline towards bourgeois politics because that is what they hear every day via a thousand different propaganda mechanisms.

To call for “nationalisations and occupations” without giving the working class the world revolutionary context in which the disputes are taking place is criminally negligent, as the EPSR was able to say during the 2000 Rover factory closures - before the Crash and abject panic of last October, the warmongering destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and the twin tower attacks gave the proof of Leninism’s revolutionary understanding:

In similar fashion, all the 57 varieties of anti-communist Trot and Revisionist groups correctly climbed on the ‘Occupy; nationalise’ bandwagon, but equally all failed to place such demands even remotely in context. A spontaneous movement for widespread factory and capitalist-property seizures could only be the start of a general revolutionary upheaval when it does finally come about. It is inconceivable to have such a movement without it being an aspect of the start of a general uprising.

But why conceal this from the working class? What sort of ‘educated’ dilettante middle-class freaks stand around urging the working class to ‘Occupy; nationalise’ but keep workers totally in the dark about what such a factory-seizure-movement could alone be part of??? What cowardly and sinister game is it to warn workers of the catastrophes ahead from an insane capitalist-anarchy profiteering system which has already produced (from a strictly market-exploitation point of view) a 40% global surplus-capacity in car-production investment, but not warn workers of what trade-war devastation and military-warmongering destruction such a perspective must mean at the end of the 20th century which has just imposed two such world wars of total murderous inter-imperialist destruction on mankind?

[EPSR 1038 04-04-2000]

If fake “left” poseurs such as the AWL are able to make some headway with the working class, no matter how limited, then it only shows how much more receptive the working class will soon be to a Leninism that jeers at capitalism’s deluded attempts to cover up its crisis and a perspective that calls for its revolutionary overthrow (the only way that the environmental degradation symptoms of capitalism’s degeneration can be dealt with anyway).

The working class doesn’t need to be told how to run a dispute. They have a collective memory of over 150 years of fighting for and defending jobs. They know better than anyone else how to run a picket line and build solidarity.

Telling striking refuse workers that they need to “step up mass pickets to defeat the scabs” as the SWP did at a solidarity meeting in Leeds recently, is not only completely pointless, it is smug pompous posturing designed to avoid talking revolution whilst sounding “militant”. Yet it is precisely this argument for revolution that the working class needs to hear.

Worse still was the rotten perspective presented at the same meeting from the platform by Workers Power. Calls to “unite the strikes” and build a “new anti-capitalist party” were completely undermined from the start by the opening statement that “we might be in a recovery but what kind of recovery will it be?” Recovery!!!! So capitalism has now sorted out all its problems and boom-times are here again! Complete and utter rubbish!!

Why would the working class bother to go through the life-consuming struggle of building an anti-capitalist party if all they have to do is hunker down for a few years and wait for the “up-turn”? What sort of leadership is this??

Whilst they acknowledge, in their written justification of this “perspective”, that capitalism has to destroy the “surplus capital” clogging up the system, Workers Power seems to think we are still living in early 19th century production capitalism with the periodic commercial crises of factory closures, mass unemployment and bankruptcies that had yet to develop to the extent that they would threaten to destroy entire capitalist system:

Marxists insist that the capitalist system follows a pattern of 7-10 year trade-industrial cycles in which crises and phases of sharp decline lead to periods of stagnation followed in turn by phases of recovery.

Do they??? This wooden bastardisation of Marxist theory shows a complete ignorance of Lenin’s “Imperialism” science which, using Marx’s foundations and Engels’ later developments, was able to point to the rise and dominance of monopoly finance capitalism and its devastating trade and world wars.

If Workers Power thinks that the destruction inflicted on the world already has done enough to trigger a “recovery” they are going to get a rude awakening. Capitalism is on the brink of the most catastrophic failure in its history.

Only a third world war will be destructive enough to match the scale and intensity of a highly globalised capitalist system that has only been able to avert total collapse since last October by the rapid and panicky printing of trillions of dollars of valueless money.

Even the moralising mysticism and obscurantism of the Archbishop of Canterbury was able to warn of “financial catastrophe” during a recent lecture in Tokyo. It won’t be long before Workers Power is forced to hide this putrid perspective and pretend that they never said anything about a recovery.

For all their posturing about being “revolutionaries”, all these fake-“lefts” refuse to put the boot into capitalism at a time when it is at its most desperate. They are completely hostile to genuinely revolutionary sloganeering – as witnessed by the condescension and ridicule often dished out to EPSR supporters at meetings and on demonstrations. Yet it is the task of revolutionaries to raise the flag of revolution precisely when everyone else is telling them to shut up, as Lenin argued in 1913:

A revolutionary is not one who becomes revolutionary with the onset of revolution, but one who defends the principles and slogans of the revolution when reaction is the most violent and when liberals and democrats vacillate to the greatest degree. A revolutionary is one who teaches the masses to struggle in a revolutionary manner and nobody else can foresee (make a “forecast” of) the results of that “teaching”.

It is telling that these opportunist poseurs no longer attempt to contradict interventions from EPSR supporters at meetings – because the EPSR’s revolutionary understanding is a thousand times closer to material reality than anything they have to say.

It would be a great service to all if supporters of the EPSR reported their experiences of battling for revolutionary theory in the paper. It would help in alerting comrades to the tendencies emerging within the workers movement and help to expose the vacillations, evasions and trickery of those who currently claim to speak for the working class.

The process of writing articles is an invaluable experience for personal development as a cadre. Attempting to apply revolutionary theory and philosophy to real world developments can only deepen understanding and help to avoid vacillation and retreats from the politics.

It is clear that there currently is no voice other than the EPSR prepared to stand up and fight for Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory. Build Leninism. Build the EPSR.

Phil Waincliffe

Leaflet: for “Hands off China” meeting 3rd October

Only revolutionary theory, exposing pacifist confusion gives real solidarity to China and other workers states

Taken at face value the “Hands off China” campaign and its celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese revolution is laudable enough.

Helping the working class understand the enormous and growing gains and achievements made by the 1949 revolution and the planned development of its economy under the over-arching political control of a continuing workers state (whatever capitalist measures it uses at a technical and trading level), is the first thing any Marxist would want to say about it.

Its development has been unparalleled in all world history, hauling at least half of its giant population from the incredible backward poverty which it was left in by feudalism, capitalist warlord squabbling, and later bourgeois collaboration with imperialist exploitation (Kuomintang), into prosperity and building a country which is more and more taking a lead in culture, science and technology on the world stage.

It could not have been done by capitalism even in its seventeenth and eighteenth century heyday when it overturned backward feudalism and drove forwards economic and scientific progress.

It certainly would not be done in the epoch of monopoly capitalist (imperialist) domination, interested only in driving every last penny of profit from the sweat shop exploitation of workers everywhere in the Third World and ripping every last tonne of minerals and resources from their countries at best, and now heading the world into Slump collapse disaster.

It is not for nothing unconditional defence of this staggering progress and of all the workers states (Cuba, Vietnam, China, North Korea) is a basic precept of Leninism.

But the “hands off” campaign is also a giant fraud – not only failing to raise the revolutionary questions which ever more urgently beset the world, in any of the analysis, but implying by its slogans that a peaceful road forwards is possible for China – and by implication the rest of the world.

Most of all the Lalkar/Proletarian initiators of the campaign says nothing about the dire revisionist shortcomings of Beijing’s leadership which have not only failed completely to tell the world anything about the urgent revolutionary necessities of the epoch, but which go along entirely with the Stalinist brain-rot retreats from Lenin’s revolutionary grasp, which led eventually into the complete liquidation of the first great workers state, the USSR.

That it has fortunately not gone so far down the road as Gorbachevism is testified by its firm handling of imperialist provocations such as the reactionary and artificial feudal “national” struggle and deliberate violence in Tibet, entirely stunted up by Western intelligence to disrupt Chinese progress, its calm handling of the huge earthquake disasters recently or its firm control of the Uighur unrest, also taken advantage of, and prodded and provoked by imperialist outside subversion.

But there is an entire discussion to be pursued about how much better it would have been to have developed a growing Leninist understanding in the population, based on a clear revolutionary perspective constantly fought for and widened, which might have left the ground less fertile for the outside provocations in the first place.

Its failure to pursue a revolutionary agenda and perspective is equally if not more damaging on the world stage.

Its compromising with imperialist warmongering hysterics over the “war on terror” for example, partly going along with the notion in “joint action” or “against Somalian piracy” for example, is appalling, the exact opposite of the denunciation and exposure this Goebbels agenda should get.

The “War on Terror” is a manipulated propaganda construct (however real small incidents may be) to drag the world into scapegoating blame and blitzkrieging “punishment” of selected victims, to directly put down growing anti-imperialist revolt and more disgustingly to simply intimidate the entire rising world struggle with fascist ruthlessness.

Equally disastrous is the continuing confusion in “democracy” being “the central question” as voted by international CP congresses in recent years, including the Chinese, and applauding motions which “condemned terrorism”.

Lalkar/Proletarian has since swung wildly to a position of support for just about any Third world insurgency, uncritical of the sometimes bizarre unscientific religious ideologies leading them.

Leninism calls for defeat for imperialism, from wherever it comes, but does not support ideologically such leadership.

The entire postWW2 period has been swamped with the class-collaborating retreat from revolution which Stalinism took the world into, and which has helped almost poison completely the faith of the working class and proletarian masses internationally in communist ideology and understanding.

It will not do so forever. The unrolling crisis of the capitalist system is confronting the working class with revolutionary questions daily. The world stands on the edge of the greatest meltdown disaster of all history, far exceeding the scale and scope of the 1930s Depression and the nearly 100 million deaths and horrific destruction that followed in the world wide warmongering chaos that inevitably followed

It is screaming out for a revolutionary understanding that will explain and clarify the chaos besetting the world and lead the working class struggle to get out of it – only to be done by the total overthrow of capitalism.

It will not come from such brain rot confusion as the phrases quoted on the “Hands off” campaign leaflet such as a call to recognise “the PRC’s contributions to realising a multi-polar and peaceful world”.

What demented gibberish! If it means anything at all is a complete abrogation of all that Lenin and revolutionary communism stood for.

Just like the entire history of revisionism which Lalkar/Proletarian not only refuses to confront (despite numerous polemics by the EPSR and Leninist understanding) but continues to sustain, for example still spreading the notion that capitalist warmongering “can be stopped” by working class militancy.

Pacifist nonsense!

The only way capitalist world war will be stopped is by revolution.

If this almost meaningless gibberish comes from the Lalkar/Proletarian instigators of this campaign then shame on them for the rotten misleadership.

If it comes from the Chinese in “solidarity” then shame on Beijing and shame on Lalkar/Proletarian for not only exposing it, but repeating it.

Possibly the Chinese workers state is already so powerful that imperialism will have to think twice about confronting its 1200M people in the oncoming World War Three turmoil which it is preparing.

But that is by no means guaranteed and no justification for feeding the world wrong and misleading illusions (and makes China more vulnerable too).

This kind of “solidarity” is a posturing fraud of reflected glory for the Lalkar/Proletarian.

The only serious defence for the Chinese workers state, and for the working class wherever it is, to build revolution in each and every capitalist country.

Don Hoskins

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