Video: “Origins How Life Began”

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Video: “Origins - How Life Began” v.11

Integrated Science 2 Name: Per:

  1. Summarize the 17th century “recipe” for creating life from scratch.

  2. Describe the conditions on Earth 4 billion years ago.

  3. Why are scientists interested in studying the caves in Mexico?

  4. Describe the life in inside the caves.

  5. Like all life forms, bacteria grow, and

  6. Inside each bacterium is a molecule of, , the molecule of life.

  7. The bacteria inside the caves suggest that primitive life could have in extremely hostile environments.

  8. Briefly describe the ingredients of life.

  9. What are amino acids?

  10. Did Stanley Miller produce life in his lab simulation? Explain.

  11. When do scientists believe the first life appeared on Earth?

  12. What evidence do scientists use to support the appearance of the first life?

  13. Why are scientists interested in studying space dust?

  14. More than kinds of amino acids have been found in

  15. What happened when amino acids were subjected to the intense pressures associated with meteorite impacts?

  16. Where do scientists speculate that the “leap to life” may have occurred?

  17. What do scientists believe that the mine bacteria use as food?

  18. By about years ago, bombardment of asteroids and comets stopped.

  19. Once on the surface, what energy source were microbes able to take advantage of?

  20. The oldest fossils in the world are years old and are composed of

  21. Stromatolites are likely formed by colonies of

  22. What important waste product was produced by stromatolites?

  23. How did oxygen help protect life from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation?

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