Videology Partners with Kantar Shopcom to Bring Consumer-Level Purchase Response Measurement to Mobile Advertising Solution Allows cpg and Other Consumer Goods

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Videology Partners with Kantar Shopcom
to Bring Consumer-Level Purchase Response Measurement to Mobile Advertising

-Solution Allows CPG and Other Consumer Goods Advertisers
to Evaluate Sales Lift Metrics across Screens

-Enables Holistic Frequency Planning and Optimization Tied to Outcomes

New York, February 5, 2013— Videology—a digital advertising platform and solutions provider—announced today that it has entered into a first-to-market agreement with Kantar Shopcom— a data integration, analytics, and insights firm that measures the impact of a brand’s messaging on actual retail purchases—to extend Packaged (CPG) and Consumer Products purchase measurement capabilities to mobile devices.

Through this partnership, Videology will be able to connect online in-stream video advertising, as well as mobile in-stream video and display advertising, to specific offline in-store purchases. In other words, advertisers will now be able to determine how many users who saw an advertisement—whether online or on a mobile device—actually purchased their brand or products, as well as how different engagement metrics, frequency allocations, and media mix influenced sales.

“When we started working with Kantar Shopcom last year, the interest from CPG advertisers in utilizing Kantar’s data to increase the ROI of their online video campaigns was exceptional. One year later, we find the overwhelming request from advertisers is to extend these capabilities across devices and into additional categories like consumer electronics and apparel,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology. “This solution answers those needs. It brings unprecedented accountability to mobile and represents a new opportunity for some of video’s largest spending ad categories.”

Videology reports that more than 20 brands have already begun activating these new capabilities across both online and mobile video.

Kantar Shopcom tracks consumer-level purchase data for 300 million U.S. consumers in over 250 categories in Packaged (CPG) and Consumer Products verticals at the brand, product group and individual item levels. The granularity of the data enables Kantar Shopcom to precisely quantify the impact of media advertising exposure on consumer-level purchase behavior, including understanding increase in sales volume, purchase frequency, buying rate and household penetration. In addition, Kantar Shopcom analyzes consumer-level exposure data in combination with consumer-level purchase data to measure an advertising campaign’s influence brand switching and brand loyalty, and ability to drive first-time trial and deliver repeat purchases over time.

“In 2012 we broke new ground with Videology in bringing the same level of accountability that advertisers have come to rely on for traditional media to online video. The natural extension of these insights is to cross-screen measurement, particularly as it relates to the emerging market of mobile media advertising,” said Kathryn P.G. Casavant, Kantar Shopcom CEO. “We’re excited about the advances we’ve delivered together in cross-screen accountability, and are extremely pleased to be expanding our partnership with Videology to connect messaging to outcomes across the consumer’s entire media journey, from the living room to the Smartphone, tablet, and beyond.”

About Kantar Shopcom
Kantar Shopcom is a data integration, analytics and insights firm. Kantar Shopcom connects what consumers see, feel and do to help retailers and marketers grow their brands. The Shopcom dataset is the largest passively-collected, observed, multi-channel purchase behavior dataset in the industry, covering CPG, retail, entertainment, auto and services, including in-store and online, consumer-specific, UPC-level purchase behavior data for 300 million unique U.S. consumers. Committed to high-performance collaboration, Kantar Shopcom partners with agencies, research firms and advertisers to enable more holistic and precise dimensionalization of target audiences, design of more effective communication plans and measurement of the effectiveness and ROI of marketing initiatives across all media platforms. The resulting solutions deliver actionable insights that enable activation of more connected, more effective and more profitable brand communications.
Kantar Shopcom is a Kantar Retail company and part of Kantar, WPP’s insight, information and consultancy group. 
For more information, please contact Meredith Earley at or 203-834-2800 or visit

About Videology

Videology ( is an enterprise media technology for agencies and publishers. Videology provides end-to-end, holistic, cross-device and cross-format solutions to improve ROI for advertisers, agencies and publishers.

Videology, Inc., is a privately-held, venture-backed company, whose investors include NEA, Valhalla Partners and Comcast Ventures. Videology is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with key offices in New York, Austin, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney and sales teams across North America.

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