Vocabulary: agricultural revolution

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Studyguide: Chapter 1 Section 1; pp. 4-11

American History I


  1. agricultural revolution-

  2. tribute-

  3. kiva-

  4. pueblo-

  5. decline-

  6. technology-

  7. eventually-

  1. Identify Beringia. What is Mesoamerica? What did the agricultural revolution make possible? Who were the Olmec? Where did the Maya civilization emerge? When did the Maya civilization thrive? Who were the Toltec? What caused the Toltec to decline? Who were the Aztecs? How did they create a mighty empire? How did they control trade? How many people lived under Aztec rule when the Europeans arrived in the 1500’s? Which culture is known for their talents in engineering and mathematics?

  1. Who were the Hohokam? Identify Anasazi. What types of building did the Anasazi construct? What did the Spanish call these structures? Who are the descendants of the Anasazi? Identify Apache and Navajo. What Native American groups lived in southeastern Alaska to Washington State? What did these groups not practice? Who were the Pomo? What enabled the Mississippian culture to emerge? Identify Cahokia. What happened after Cahokia declined? What happened to the people of the Great Plains after they abandoned their villages? What was the largest group in the Southeast?

  1. Who were the Algonquian? Identify Iroquois Confederacy. What Native American groups made up the Iroquois Confederacy? What method did many peoples in the northeast use when farming?

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