What was the "Mukden incident" and how did this lead to the invasion of Manchuria?

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WWII Asia Study Guide


  1. What was the “Mukden incident” and how did this lead to the invasion of Manchuria?

  1. What was the American stance on the Japanese in Manchuria?

  1. What was Chiang Kai-Sheks role in resistance against the Japanese?

  1. What was the stated goal of the New Order in Asia and what was the real plan of the Japanese?

  1. In 1940 what political and economic dilemma did the Japanese find themselves in? What was their final decision?

  1. In your opinion was the attack on Pearl Harbor a good or bad idea? Explain.


  1. After the attack on Pearl Harbor what actions did the Japanese take in the Pacific?

  1. What the stated purpose of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and what was underling goal of the Japanese?

  1. What was the turning point in the Pacific and why?

  1. Why was Island Hopping effective?

  1. Using the map write down 5 battles in chronological order give a date:

  1. What was the major role Truman played in the Pacific?

  1. List 3 pros and 3 cons of using the atomic bombs in Japan? Do you think it was the correct choice?


  1. How was the Japanese policy of occupying their Asian neighbors supposed to generate wealth for Japan?

  1. Explain the slogan “Asia for Asiatics”

  1. Give three similarities between Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany during WWII?

  1. Give specific examples of how the Japanese exploited the civilian populations in 3 separate countries?


  1. What were some things the Japanese limited during their wartime mobilization?

  1. Why were the Japanese not willing to mobilize women in the war effort? How did the Japanese fulfill the labor shortage without the use of women?

  1. What was American Justification for the use of an atomic bomb?

  1. Why do you think the Americans used the atomic bomb on Japan rather than Germany?

Download 8.84 Kb.

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