Who Started Fascism in America and how is it financed?

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Who Started Fascism in America and how is it financed?”


Thomas Joseph Coyne, PH.D.


  1. The USA is a fascist economy as we speak and fascism began here under the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the late 1930s; it began in Europe under Dictator Benito Mussolini in Naples, Italy in the mid to late 1920s. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT: Fascism will destroy the USA, its intended result, as it destroyed Mussolini and as it destroyed his friend and fellow axis member and national socialism lover, Adolph Hitler. We must destroy fascism first and destruction of fascism requires abolishment of political correctness. Destruction of fascism cannot be achieved without brave New American Patriots!

  1. Fascism . . . has met and will meet historical necessities, and so, unconquerable, is destined to make an indelible impression on the 20th century of history:” Benito Mussolini in The Last Centurion: My Autobiography Chapter 11.1 As we speak all of Western Europe and to a large extent most of the former U.S.S.R and China are fascist. All of Europe, Asia and Africa suffer economically BECAUSE of fascism. Fascist Mussolini and National Socialist Hitler may have lost the battles, but they won the war?!

  1. Fascism is a sophisticated form of socialism, is defined as centralized governmental control of business, of professions, of labor, of all means of production, land, labor and capital, by one political party, but under the guise of private ownership. Operating through the board of directors of the firm, fascists need very few seats, very few votes to gain and maintain power and control over others. What power and control government does not succeed in getting through manipulation of board of director assignments is gained by issuance of government contracts and insistence upon licenses from as many workers as it can possibly justify.

  1. Socialism is defined as the outright ownership and operation of business by the central government, outright ownership of factors of production: land, labor and capital. Socialists may come to power at the ballot box, not through manipulated seats on a private corporation board of directors; however, arguably, the integrity of the vote count is often if not always less than credible in each socialist society. Socialism usually creeps into an economic system ever so slowly, quietly almost unnoticed doing so through the use and application of fascist tactics.

  1. Communism is defined the same as socialism except politicians come to power by military force. Hitler, a socialist, was elected overwhelmingly by a ballot box vote, but Castro, a communist, in Cuba conquered the enemy my military means, as did Stalin in Russia, Mao in China. Except for how political office is gained and maintained little difference exists between socialism and communism.

  1. Capitalism is the economic system the USA has followed, pursued religiously since inception as a nation. Under the capitalistic system and to the greatest extent possible factors of production, land, labor and capital are privately owned. Individuals under capitalism are free to pursue profit (Socialists hate profit), to compete with other individuals in similar or different markets (Socialists hate competition), suffer losses for poor decisions, to fail if and when necessary so as to start again, to allocate scarce and costly resources to their best use. Capitalistic nations are rich; socialist nations are poor. Poor nations resent rich nations.

  1. Centralized governmental control under one political party started in 1922 under the Italian dictatorship of Benito Mussolini. Unlike Mussolini’s one political party dictatorship, the United States of American operates under total control of two political parties: (1) Democrats, and (2) Republicans. Using alleged “bipartisanship” these two parties operate for control purpose as a single political party as a self-ordained royal, Ruling Class.

  1. The challenge for our two political parties, each wanting to instill additional fascism in 21st century USA, is to have people think they are free; have people believe they own and control every aspect of their lives, pretend we are a capitalist nation complete with a price system and private property, while in as secretive and deceitful a manner as possible control everyone, “everything that moves” as Al Gore has said many times. Freedom to work is conspicuous by its absence in many if not most of our States. In a fascism/socialist society and to the greatest extent feasible as one is forced to join a union.

  1. School teachers in the USA who might not like the union and refuse to join MUST pay union dues anyway. A teacher’s freedom to choose, to decide for him/herself is non-existent in a fascist society. In Ohio one is required to purchase auto insurance from an insurance company who refuses to sell auto insurance unless one also buys home insurance from him/her. The homeowner’s freedom to choose is surrendered, taken actually in a fascist society; in fact, teacher mandated payments and homeowner mandated payments are un-voted upon, hidden additional taxes! We must have auto insurance to drive on a road we bought and own!

  1. To succeed in a fascist society professional life-long politicians need, want, desire to get additional family members and friends ‘voted’ onto various corporate boards of directors such as Boeing Aircraft, appointed or ‘voted’ onto tax-exempt boards of directors such as the American Red Cross.2 Managers of pension plans, government employees mostly, provide the necessary common equity proxy votes to achieve greater government controls of private citizens. Pension fund managers take mandated contributions in the pension plan, buy common stock, often through government controlled mutual funds with the money, and vote or direct the mutual fund to vote the proxies of common equity acquired with this money as though they owned the equity personally. They vote themselves onto various executive positions and onto boards of directors (trustees).

  1. It was former President Ronald Reagan who warned us socialism would arrive on our shores, but as a nation we paid little attention. Reagan reminded us former President Harry Truman attempted to socialize medicine, the easiest industry to socialize as everyone wants proper medial treatment. United Auto Workers President, Walter Reuther, wanted socialized medicine, and a long list of other “prominent celebrity-type persons” wanted socialism and they have wanted it for several generations. The toe-in-the-door when total socialism arrives, Reagan said, would be in health care, exactly what we face today. The socialist movement is insidious, well-financed and broadly international in scope and support, well-organized and works 24/7 to gain and maintain its goals!

  1. The USA has operated under a democratic capitalistic economic system, a system where private property and the price system are of paramount importance. Fascists must kill private property; kill the price system, destroy completely our Constitution. Fascists are socialists and in 2009 America they pose as “liberals” and, of late, “Progressives,” any self-congratulatory name other than the truth: SOCIALIST!

  1. Most still believe that a democratic system is run by the majority, when in fact it often is not. The truth is that democracy, as practiced in the United States, tends to be run by the best-organized minority,”3 Private persons are free to own common equity in any publicly traded firm such as Boeing; however, through the buying of equity, and voting their proxies,4 government retirement plans function as minority stockowners and control the boards of directors of firms such Boeing, negating the proxy votes of small, family stock owners.5 Should this control be insufficient in a particular case, government relies in part upon restrictions embedded in governmental defense and other legal contracts with one or more firm whose stock is publicly traded. Governments rely also on licenses. If a crisis is needed, government takes total control of a firm (GM) or entire industries (Steel, Auto, Rubber, Rail) such as Roosevelt did in World War II.

  1. For individuals, and firms whose common equity is not publicly traded, but at publicly traded firms when thought necessary, licensing is used for control purposes by fascist governments. One is in violation of the law if found practicing uncontrolled nail polishing without a license!

  1. As a teacher, fail to indoctrinate students, fail to undermine freedom and democracy, instead insist upon teaching students correctly, and your license to teach may be cancelled.6 Indoctrination occurs as fascists (liberals, progressives, socialists) change state curricula routinely, change text books, change requirements for elementary and secondary school teachers to a fifth year in “teacher’s college” the idea being twofold: (A) the fifth year pushes the teacher into a Master’s degree column on the union pay index while announcing to the public only the dollar and cent amount of a so-called BA base salary on that same pay scale (NOT one person in any school district working in the USA is working currently at the BA base), and importantly, (B) allowing existing long-time fellow fascists additional time, the extra one year to quietly review the attitude of the new teacher to determine if she is multi-cultural enough, socialist enough, politically correct enough, anti-conservative and anti-Bill Gates enough, anti-business enough, favorable to not-for-tax organizations enough to be admitted into the overall control of what children are allowed to think. The closing of every ‘teacher’s college’ in America would significantly improve the overall quality of education in America. Teachers should be hired ONLY from educational institutions and/or from the world at large where one need not be ONLY a socialist to live, to work, to play and to pursue happiness.

  1. At the university level fascist, anti-democracy indoctrination is even worse than in our elementary and secondary schools. This academic tragedy cites Miami University as the 9th worst institution of higher learning in America. Alumni are or will be furious, but may be unaware of what has happened to their government-owned and operated school in recent years, since perhaps the mid-1990s? At Miami University (Ohio), “Tuition: $11,433 in-state; $23,875 out of state,” “Activism is . . . not quarantined . . . but exerts a corrupting influence throughout the Miami liberal arts curriculum.7 “. . . radicalism is entrenched at Miami University in Ohio.”8 As a professor of finance and/or business economics at fully accredited (AACSB) universities for approximately 35 years I can attest to the full fledged effort of each university to push socialist agenda to the limit, and beyond. In fact, routinely and for many, many, many students grades are changed for money – if your university considers your student worthy of such help. Has your brain surgeon or lawyer or accountant or school teacher had his/her grades changed? How do you know? What are you going to do about it?

  1. Fascist governments behave in this manner not only to satisfy insatiable desires for control over other people, but also for the revenue it produces. Licenses9 are falsely ‘sold’ to the general public as being in the best interest of the public, as being in defense of the public, as identification of people falsely labeled as qualified ‘professionals’ in their field; meanwhile, governmental controls over the voting of common equity proxies continues to be financed by mandated government retirement plans, a fact virtually unknown to the general public. Family members and friends of politicians get board of director fees, executive fees, perks. Once comfortably settled into these highly paid positions in ‘private enterprise’ these people do the work they were selected, appointed to do: enforce additional governmental mandates over every aspect of a private citizen’s life.10 If things go well, government takes credit; if things do not go well; ‘greedy’ business people take the blame – a win/win situation for government.

  1. Early in a history of the fascist state people believe they can trust their government. Italian citizens trusted their government. Heavily aided by the Italian press, fascists easily controlled Italian citizens throughout the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s. Until recently Americans trusted government to protect defend and support The Constitution of the United States of America. As with Italians of a generation ago we have entrusted our affairs to the wrong people! What are we going to do about it?

  1. It was Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) who announced “We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.”11 European fascism died in August, 1945; American fascism is alive in 2009. General Motors (GM) is a fascist corporation Obama converted to a socialist one; The Cleveland Clinic is fascist controlled as a not-for-tax organization. Outside The Clinic, next to the flag of the USA, and the flag of the State of Ohio, and flying proudly on an equal level, is the flag of the United Nations. This is the kind of slow, deceitful, carefully planned while seemingly relatively unimportant thing allowing fascism to spread. Fascism by design must progress slowly. Once people get used to a violation and do not complain, fascists rejoice. No one even notices the UN flag at The Cleveland Clinic and what does it matter anyway? The UN flag is located on one of three flag poles behind the Pyramid Building, near the main entrance of the Cole Eye Center. When an employee is asked why the UN flag flies here, s/he is astonished by the question and has no clue as to a politically correct answer. Watch our flag; watch the enemy flag; allow no incremental intrusions. Always ask! For over 200 years the American flag was prominently and permanently displayed on the altar, especially noticeable during Mass at Catholic Churches throughout the USA. Our flag no longer flies there; why not? Ask! Get an answer!

  1. To assure the death of fascism in the USA, we must demand and obtain term limits for all elected persons. Required is this Amendment to the U. S. Constitution: “Except for the President of the United States of America, the term in elected public office shall not exceed a combined total of ten years for any person.” (T. Coyne, (6/19/98).


Fascists have names, but who are they? Where are they? How do we know them? How do we rid ourselves of them?

  1. We know them by their behavior. Fascists are “The Establishment,” the people who charter private jets for members of Congress. While heavy with criticism for duly elected Chief Executive Officers of major corporations who use corporate jets for travel to/from business meetings, Pelosi, Reid and Company demand and obtain government bought and paid jets of higher caliber, more costly and make such demands as members of what they assume, wrongly, is their right as members of the new “Ruling Class,” of New Royalty. What are we doing about it?

  1. Fascists are the people in private enterprise, controlled via illegal proxy voting by the candidates for public office, supported by corporations who in return support politicians. The Acorn organization and Obama’s association with that corrupt group is fascist; meanwhile, Acorn enjoys direct access to the White House, is given total control over the upcoming Census, is run by convicted felons and paid by us. What are we doing about it?

  1. Fascists include politicians who provide so-called “earmarked” government money to finance private and public tax-free foundations to be managed by family and friends of themselves and/or of friendly other politicians. One might include in the category of fascists such perennial office holders (33 years in office) as Representative John Murtha (D) of Pennsylvania, the chief executive officer of “Murtha, Inc.,” the largest employer in his home town of Johnston, Pennsylvania and his friend and business associate, Representative Alan Mollohan (D) of West Virginia.12 What are we doing about it? This fraud could not exist in a free society, a free economy!

  1. Alan Mollohan inherited the job from his dad, Bob, a socialist who held the position for sixteen years (16). When Bob died, virtually no notice existed anywhere and at the next election the word “Mollohan” appeared again on the ballot. Non-thinking West Virginians voted, again, for Mollohan, but they were voting for Bob Mollohan’s son, Alan. Alan has held that same Congressional seat since 1983, twenty-six (26) years.13 26 + 16 = 42 years of corruption. What are we doing about it?

  1. Fascists are politicians who enter government with the highest of intention, the highest of moral fiber, the nicest military or similar ‘hero-type’ background or they inherit the job directly or indirectly from daddy, as did Alan Mollohan. Fascists include people who in 1994 signed the so-called ‘Contract With America,’ a document pledging they would remain in office for a specified period of time only, and then leave so other, younger, brighter minds could take their place. These are the people who, once enthroned in office, and once cognizant of the ability to ‘milk the system’ decided not to leave. These are people who renege on contracts. What are we doing about it?

  1. Getting well-intentioned warm bodies into office is not the problem; getting them out of office is the problem. Once elected persons learn how easy it is to take advantage of our generosity, it seems they never leave office, not willingly at least. Little Dennis Kucinich (D. Ohio), the boy former mayor of Cleveland, Ohio who boasts of his socialism and of his desire for more of it, retains full Congressional privileges while traveling the world at public expense simultaneously exercising few, if any, responsibilities associated with his position. What are we doing about it?

  1. Fascists are people, professional politicians who, once ‘properly’ tutored and or mentored by lifelong professional politicians like Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, of Chappaquiddick fame;14 Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a Klu Klux Klan member and recruiter; Bob Dole of Kansas, a relatively decent person who, quite simply, appeared unable to surrender the power and influence associated with his lifelong existence in professional politics; John Glenn of Ohio, of “Keating Five” fame, the group who collapsed our Savings and Loan Associations, becoming very rich individually and collectively in the process; and the list goes on and on and on and on, to include, of course, the Clinton Two. What are we doing about it?

  1. Once it is explained to our normally slow-learning political newcomers how they can use (abuse) the proxy system by voting or manipulating the voting of government retirement money in favor of themselves, their families, their ‘friends,’ enriching themselves in the process beyond belief like nobles of yesteryear, they do whatever it takes to remain in office. Getting re-elected is their ONLY real goal in life. They decide to stay, ‘serving’ the public. They decide to adopt the policies of Benito Mussolini. They decide to become fascists. These people are the American fascists of today, and beyond – unless we do our job and rid ourselves of them! What are YOU doing about it? We end the day serving them. Why are we letting this happen over and again for decades – with the same warm bodies running everything?

  1. Fascists in America have the same goals and objectives as the 911 Muslim Extremist terrorists: destruction of the USA so they can run the country; the terrorists of 911 used our planes against us, fascists use our common equity voting of proxies procedures against us. Most Americans have paid no attention to this relationship.

  1. Established, educated, well-financed, exceedingly well-connected, paid members of the news media, Mafia-paid journalists, organized crime, embedded in various well-established and otherwise honest newspapers, television and radio stations, individuals interested in expansion of drugs, gambling and prostitution in Northern West Virginia, Mollohan’s district, assure a politician’s continued existence in office, for example. It may be the same manner of enforcement and assurance under which Senator Jay Rockefeller (D. WV.) operates, and under which he has been functioning since he was allowed entry into West Virginia by organized crime decades ago? 15 Be very careful what you believe if you still believe anything of substance uttered by our Propaganda Press!

  1. Fascists are the problem, not the solution. Fascists can never provide long-term solutions to any economic/financial system. If fascists wanted to correct the economy they would not have worked successfully to destroy it. Fascists must leave office, be striped or otherwise denied additional political influence, with no possibility of being allowed to return. We need term limits to rid ourselves of them!

  1. Term limits will not solve our problem with fascism, something that began in earnest here in the mid-1960s, but limits to time allowed in elected and appointed public office will make it increasingly difficult for full-time, highly paid lobbyists to buy political favors. Term limits might partially constrain Mafia influence in our Propaganda Press. Term limits (10 years and out) will help reestablish a government of the people, by the people and for the people. These limits will contribute towards returning government to “we the people,” thereby crushing current government of, by and for political bureaucracy.

  1. Through governmentally owned and/or supported institutions, public employees to include faculty members at every level of education, finance expansion of the so-called global economy as foreigners take ownership and control of former American businesses. Those businesses no longer pay taxes in support of education in this country as whatever taxes they pay are paid in the foreign country where our former businesses and jobs now reside. These takeovers are aided and abetted by our intentionally devalued dollar.

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