Why did the British enact it?

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Stamp Act

Why did the British enact it?

-Needed a way to pay off large debt left over from the French and Indian War. People in Britain were already paying taxes on everything from windows to salt. Americans were probably the most lightly taxed people in the British Empire.

What did the Act or Law require

-Required colonists to buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used. Newspapers had to be printed on stamped paper. Wills, licenses and play cards had to have stamps.

Why were the colonists upset over this?

-Colonists were upset over higher taxes, however they were willing to pay taxes passed by their own assemblies, where their representatives could vote on them. But the colonists had no representatives in Parliament. Patrick Henry-“No taxation without representation”

What did the Colonists do?

Sent messages to Parliament. Loyalists refused to buy stamps. Patriots formed mobs calling themselves “Sons of Liberty. ” They attacked tax collector’s homes and buried tax collectors alive.

What did the British do in response?

After months of protest, Parliament repealed or canceled the Stamp Act.

The Quartering Act

Why did the British create it?

- Soldiers needed a place to stay. They were in the colonies to protect the colonists from the Native Americans.

What did the Act or Law require

-This act ordered colonial assemblies to provide British troops with quarters, or housing. The colonists were also told to furnish the soldiers with “candles, firing, bedding, cooking utensils, salt, vinegar, and beer and cider”-cost money

Why were the colonists upset over this?

-Cost money and they didn’t even want to soldiers there

What did the colonists do?

-New York assembly decide not to vote any funds for “salt, vinegar and liquor”

What did Britain do in response?

-British government reacted by refusing to let the assembly meet until it agreed to obey the Quartering Act.

Townshend Act

Why did the British create it?

-Colonists’ bad behavior made it even more important to keep an army in America The colonists are going against what the Britain are saying-they need order

What did the Act or Law require

-Placed a tax on certain goods the colonies imported from Britain- glass, paint, paper and tea.

- Used to pay for the soldiers stationed in the colonies.

Why were the colonists upset over this?

It was a tax on something that they felt they shouldn’t pay a tax on

What did the colonists do?

Samuel Adams wrote a letter protesting the Townshend Acts and sent it to every colony. The letter argued that the new duties violated the Colonists’ rights as British citizens. Therefore they boycotted British goods- Refused to buy. Women found ways to avoid buying British imports.

What did Britain do in response?

British tax agents were given “writs of assistance”-legal papers that allowed the tax agents to search anyone, at anytime, in anyplace without a warrant

-Repeals the Townshend duties except for the tax on tea


-Same day that the Parliament repealed most of the Townshend duties-March 5, 1770

- 5 soldiers were patrolling the streets of Boston-because of the Quartering Act, there were many British soldiers

-A mob of about 75 Bostonians surrounded the soldiers and began making fun of them-calling them “Lobsterback.” This would lead to them throwing rocks, snowballs and ice balls at the soldiers

-The soldiers become frightened and shot into the crowd-5 colonists were killed

-Paul Revere-silversmith and Patriot create an engraving showing soldiers firing at peaceful citizens. He intentionally makes the engraving seem like the colonists were doing nothing wrong to spark anger

-At the murder trial John Adams, a lawyer from Boston who was a Patriot defended the soldiers who fired.

-He believed that every person had a right to a fair trial, even though he hated the British soldiers.

Tea Act

- Why did the British create it?

There was still a tax on tea due to the Townshend Act. However the colonists were smuggling in Dutch tea or making their own. Therefore they did not have to pay for the tax on the tea.

The British East Indian Company lost a lot of money due to the Townshend Act, so Parliament created this act to help them.
What did the Act or Law require

-Allowed the British East India Tea Company to be the only business that could sell tea to the American stores. They could sell tea cheaper even though the tea was still taxed. The British East India Company therefore had a monopoly or complete control over tea sales in the colonies.

Why were the colonists upset over this?

The Colonists saw it as an attempt to tax the without their consent. They were worried that the British would create more monopolies

What did the colonists do?

Boston Tea Party

What did Britain do in response?

The Intolerable acts

Boston Tea Party

-Sam Adams started the Sons of Liberty- a patriotic group.

-Wanted to get rid of the tea so the colonists could not buy it- because it was cheaper he was worried they would be inclined to buy it.

-Disguised as Native Americans they boarded the tea ships that were in Boston Harbor. They threw the tea overboard. There were 90,000 pounds of tea on the three ships. The tea was worth $55,000.

Intolerable Acts

Why did the British create it?

They were furious at the colonists because of the Boston Tea Party.

What did the Act or Law require

There were four parts:

1.The port of Boston is closed until someone pays for the tea

2.Town meetings are limited to one time a year and the governor will now by chosen by the king.

3. Any British soldier accused of murdering a colonist will be tried in Britain

4. More soldiers will be sent to Boston. They will be housed in private homes.

Why were the colonists upset over this?

Very harsh
What did the colonists do?

-They were not going to pay for the lost tea

-Many other colonies sent food and money to Boston to help

-In Virginia a resolution was drafted in support of Massachusetts- said that everyone’s rights were at stake. They also called for a congress or meeting from all the colonies.

-First Continental Congress

What did Britain do in response?

Eventually they will repeal the Intolerable Acts

First Continental Congress

-September 1774- 50 legislators from 12 colonies met in Philadelphia-Georgia did not attend.

-Prior to this the Colonists thought of themselves as citizens of their own colonies

-Patrick Henry wanted people to start thinking of themselves as Americans.

-Sent a letter to King George urging him to consider their complaints and recognize their rights.

-Delegates called for a boycott of British goods until the Intolerable Act was repealed.

-Each colony formed their own militia- volunteers willing t fight.

-Agreed to meet in May if the Boycott did not work.

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