Work-Study Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Form 125-170

Rev. 7-13

Work-Study Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Work-Study Program requires that you receive the information contained in this document. This is an extended list of

your rights and responsibilities as a participant in the work-study program and supplements the information and policies

contained in the Work-Study Handbook and your Work-Study Agreement Addendum. If you have any questions or do not

understand any item, please ask your campus work-study coordinator.

Please read this form carefully and Initial each item.

As a work-study student, I understand and agree that

I have read the entire Work-Study Handbook posted at and the addendum to my Work-Study

Agreement (NVCC Form 125-175) and I agree to abide by all work-study program policies.

My work-study award must be earned by working. It is not a grant. I can only be paid for hours that I have

worked, and I understand that my award is to be earned throughout the award period. Even to make up

hours from previous weeks, I am not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week.

I will notify my supervisor and stop working immediately if my enrollment at NOVA drops below 6 credits for any

reason (including dropping or withdrawing from classes or deciding to audit a course). I understand that I must be

enrolled in at least 6 credits to participate in the work-study program, and I will stop working on the day my

enrollment falls below 6 credits.

The amount of my work-study award that was offered is the maximum amount that I can earn during the time period of

the award. I will not work in excess of my award. I will also not work before or after my eligibility ends.

I must stop working on the last day of final exams of the semester I was approved to work. The only exception to this

policy is if I was approved for a Fall and Spring Work-Study Award. In this case, I may continue working after the Fall

Semester ends ONLY if

  • I am registered for at least 6 credits for the upcoming Spring Semester,

  • I continue to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements after Fall Semester grades post,

  • I have a Fall/Spring Work-Study Award posted on MyNOVA, and

  • My supervisor received a completed copy of my Work-Study Agreement from the College Financial Aid Office

showing that I was approved for a Fall and Spring Work-Study Award.

I will immediately stop working upon any of the following circumstances:

  • If my enrollment drops below 6 credits during the semester I was approved to work (note that enrollment in Summer 1

and Summer 2 must equal at least 6 credits for Summer work-study).

  • If I fail to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

  • If I have earned my full work-study award listed on MyNOVA for the applicable semester.

  • If I am notified by my supervisor or the Financial Aid Office that I must stop working.

  • On the last day of final exams of the semester I was approved to work (with the exception of Fall/Spring work-study

students who meet the requirements listed in the section above).
I will not earn more than the Fall portion of my work-study award during the Fall Semester. However, I understand

that any unearned portion of my Fall Semester Work-Study Award and my Spring Semester Work-Study Award can be

earned during the Spring Semester. A new Summer Work-Study Agreement must be approved in order to work

during the Summer.

I can select only on-campus work-study jobs listed on the NOVA work-study website.

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Form 125-170

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If I am approved for Summer work-study, I will not earn more than my Summer 1 Work-Study Award before the end

of June. However, any remaining portion of a Summer I Work-Study Award and the Summer 2 Work-Study Award

can be earned in July through the last day of final exams of the Summer term.

If I do not use my full Fall/Spring Work-Study Award by the end of the Spring Semester, or if I do not use my full

Summer Work-Study Award by the end of the Summer term, any unearned portion will be cancelled; it cannot be

earned later and it will not be converted to another type of financial aid.

During my interview with my prospective work-study supervisor, I will ask questions about job duties,

responsibilities, and expectations. I will also discuss my availability and any other relevant matters or other

commitments that could influence my job performance or my ability to work a particular schedule that may be

agreed upon by me and the prospective work-study supervisor.

I understand that I am not allowed to work while I am scheduled to be in class, nor am I allowed to study while on the

job, use my cell phone, or any social media.

I will dress appropriately for work at my job site and also act in a manner that reflects positively on my employer and


If hired, I will always notify my supervisor before my scheduled work hours if I will be late or if I cannot report to work as


I understand that once I have accepted a work-study job I am expected to remain at this job site for the duration of

my Work- Study Agreement. Reassignment to another position before the Work-Study Agreement has ended will be

considered only in extenuating circumstances and approval will be at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office.

I will not have any other paid position at NOVA while participating in the work-study program. I also understand that

I can have only one work-study job at any given time.

First year work-study students are paid $10 per hour; after two full semesters of participation in the work-study program,

the hourly rate is increased to $11 per hour for second year work-study students. I understand that all pay adjustments

are done only at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

I understand that I must submit my timesheets and they must be approved by my supervisor by the date due in

Payroll as indicated on the Payroll Working Calendar. if my timesheet is submitted or approved after the date it is due

in Payroll, it is considered late and I will not be paid until the pay date for the following pay period.

Timesheets that are filled out incorrectly will not be processed and will be returned to the work-study student. The work-

study student must then resubmit the timesheet; this may delay the receipt of payment for the period.

I will regularly check my NOVA student email account since this will be the primary method of communication used to

send out important information about the work-study program.

Work-study earnings are taxable income. At the end of the calendar year, I will receive a W2 from NOVA. It will show

the amount of my earnings and the amount of federal, state, and local taxes withheld, if any. This information will

also be sent to federal, state, and local tax agencies. If I am required to file a tax return, I must include these


If a problem develops on the job, the first point of contact should be my supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved, I

should contact the campus work-study coordinator.

To be completed by the work-study student: I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to abide by all the work-

study program policies listed at and contained in the Work-Study Handbook, my Work-Study

Agreement, and this Work-Study Student Rights and Responsibilities Form.


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