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McKenna: World History

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World History Final Exam

Study Guide
Note: Be sure to know the following terms, people, and answers to questions. Use your class notes, online textbook, former test/quiz review sheets, and former tests/quizzes to locate information. All notes and review sheets are available on my website if you need extra copies. See me for help, if needed, and be sure to STUDY! Preparing for a final exam requires several days of review so don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. Your World History Final Exam is scheduled for FRIDAY, 6/15. According to Yorktown High School policy, this date is non-negotiable (the final exam will not be given before OR after this date). The final exam is worth 150 points.

Six Causes of Revolution

Social Injustice

Economic Distress

Religious Intolerance

Unpopular Method of Rule


Enlightenment Ideas

The Enlightenment (3 questions)

Differences between Absolutism and Democracy

Documents that include Enlightenment Ideas

Social Contract Theory

Thomas Hobbes

John Locke


French Revolution (7 questions)



Causes of the French Revolution

Storming the Bastille

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

Committee of Public Safety

Maximilien Robespierre

Napoleon Bonaparte

Important details about Napoleon (type of power, actions, programs)

Russian invasion and the Great Retreat

Industrial Revolution (9 questions)

The Industrial Revolution was a shift from an agricultural (farming) society to an

industrial (manufacturing).

Where the Industrial Revolution began (country)

Where people moved (urban, rural, or suburban areas)

Eli Whitney/Cotton Gin

New source of energy (how factories/machines were powered)


Labor Unions (purpose, goals)

Assembly Line (purpose, effects)

Upton Sinclair: The Jungle (details, purpose for writing book)

Positive effects of Industrial Revolution (know at least two)

Negative effects of the Industrial Revolution (know at least two)

Imperialism (3 questions)

Definition of imperialism

Motives of 19th century imperialism (know all five)

How industrialization influenced Europe’s desire for more territory

Direct Rule vs. Indirect Rule

World War I (8 questions)

Causes of World War I (M.A.I.N.)

Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy)

Allied Powers (France, Great Britain, Russia, U.S.)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary

Western Front: Characteristics of trench warfare

All Quiet on the Western Front (details, purpose for writing book)

New weapons/technology

Reasons for U.S. entry into the war

League of Nations (purpose, power)

Treaty of Versailles (purpose, terms of the treaty)

Russian Revolution (4 questions)

Causes of the Russian Revolution (J.A.I.L.)

Why Russia wasn’t prepared for World War I

Overthrow of Czar Nicholas II


Russian Civil War

Communist (Reds)

Anti-Communist (Whites)

Vladimir Lenin’s promises (three things)

Lenin’s New Economic Policy

Joseph Stalin

Interwar Period (11 questions)

Causes of Great Depressions

Impact of worldwide depression


Why did totalitarian leaders emerge in the Soviet Union, Italy, Germany, and Japan?
Fascism, Nazism, Communism

Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)

Great Purges

Benito Mussolini (Italy)

Adolf Hitler (Germany)



Final Solution

Operation T4


Hideki Tojo and Emperor Hirohito (Japan)


Rwanda Genocide: Hutus vs. Tutsis

World War II (14 questions)

Causes of World War II

Event that sparked the start of WWII



Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan)

Allied Powers (France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, U.S.)

Battle of France

Battle of Britain

German Luftwaffe

Operation Barbarossa

Reason for U.S. entry into the war


Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor

Yalta Conference

D-Day/Battle of Normandy

Strategy used by U.S. to fight Japan in the Pacific

V-E Day

U.S. options/considerations for forcing Japan to surrender

Atomic Bomb

V-J Day

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Harry S. Truman

The Cold War (13 questions)


Marshall Plan

Iron Curtain

Division of Germany & Berlin

Berlin Blockade & Airlift (details, result)

Bay of Pigs (details, result)

Cuban Missile Crisis (details, result)

NATO vs. Warsaw Pact

North Korea vs. South Korea (Communism vs. Capitalism)

North Vietnam vs. South Vietnam (Communism vs. Capitalism)

Vietnam War (details, result)

Policy of Containment

Domino Theory


Space Race/Sputnik

Extra Credit: Three sections for a possible 20 points of extra credit 

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