World History Note Outline Ch. 17 European Renaissance and Reformation

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World History Note Outline

Ch. 17 European Renaissance and Reformation

  1. Italy’s advantages

    1. Why did people want a change after the middle ages?

    2. What did people start to question after the middle ages?

    3. Renaissance-

      1. What culture did it try to bring back?

      2. What new values did it introduce?

    4. Where did the renaissance start?

      1. What advantages did this region have?

      2. How did cities help the growth of the renaissance?

    5. Medici Family

      1. How did they gain power?

  2. Classical and worldly values

    1. Humanism

      1. Humanities

      2. What did they believe about humans enjoying life?

    2. Secular

      1. How did church leaders become more worldly?

    3. Patrons

    4. Renaissance Man

      1. Did women have the same expectations?

      2. Isabella d’Este

  3. The Renaissance Revolutionizes Art

    1. Realistic art

    2. Perspective

    3. Leonardo da Vinci

  4. Renaissance writers change literature

    1. Dante

      1. Vernacular

    2. What did renaissance writers write about?

      1. Francesco Petrarch

    3. Machiavelli

      1. The Prince

      2. What did it say about how a ruler should gain power and keep power?

      3. What traits do people have according to this book?

  5. The Northern Renaissance begins

    1. How did the population in Europe change in 1450?

    2. How did the renaissance ideas in Italy start to spread?

    3. What criticisms did people start to develop about the church?

    4. Erasmus

      1. What did he believe about Christianity?

    5. Thomas More

      1. Utopia

  6. The Elizabethan Age

    1. What country did this age have to do with?

    2. William Shakespeare

      1. What did he look at often in his work?

  7. Printing spreads Renaissance Ideas

    1. Where did printing come to Europe from?

    2. What problems did the early printing have for Europeans?

    3. Johann Gutenburg

      1. What famous work did he print in 1455?

    4. What did the new forms of printing do for the ideas of the Renaissance?

  8. Legacy of the Renaissance

    1. What are some of the changes from the Renaissance?

      1. Be able to list 4 of them

  9. Causes of the reformation

    1. What challenged church authority?

    2. How did many people feel about church leaders during this time?

      1. What was happening to the pope and clergy during this time?

    3. The power of the Bible verse the church

  10. Luther challenges the church

    1. Who was Martin Luther?

    2. What did Luther decide to take a public stand against?

      1. Indulgences

      2. What false impression was Tetzel giving people?

    3. 95 Thesis

      1. Where would he post these?

      2. What did he ask other scholars to do after posting his 95 thesis?

      3. How did his ideas spread?

    4. What did Luther want from the church?

    5. What three things were his ideas based on?

  11. The Responses to Luther

    1. How did the pope respond to Luther’s popularity?

      1. Excommunication

      2. Did Luther do what the pope asked him to do?

      3. What happened to Luther?

    2. Charles V

      1. Town of Worms

      2. What did Charles order Luther to do?

      3. What did Luther do?

      4. Edict of Worms

      5. Did people honor this Edict?

    3. How did Luther respond to a failed violent revolt by many peasants in Germany?

      1. How did the peasants feel about his reaction?

    4. Two groups are formed in response to Luther

      1. German princes that remained loyal to the pope

      2. Princes that sided with Luther

    5. Protestants

    6. The two sides go to war

      1. Peace of Augsburg

  12. England becomes Protestant

    1. Henry VIII

      1. Why did Henry want to divorce his first wife?

      2. Why could Henry not get a divorce?

      3. What was his other option to end his marriage?

        1. Annul

        2. Did the pope annul his marriage?

      4. Who finally legalized his divorce?

      5. Anne Boleyn

        1. What happened to Boleyn when she did not have a son?

      6. Henry’s third wife finally has a son

    2. Why was there religious turmoil in England after Henry’s death

    3. Anglican Church

      1. Who was the leader of this church?

      2. How did she try to please both protestant and catholic?

  13. Calvin continues the reformation

    1. What were some of Calvin’s main beliefs?

      1. Predestination

      2. Calvinism

    2. Theocracy

      1. Geneva, Switzerland

    3. John Knox

      1. Presbyters and Presbyterians

    4. Huguenots

  14. Other Protestant Reformers

    1. Anabaptists- What did they believe?

  15. The Catholic Reformation

    1. What did the catholic leaders try to do with the Catholic church to encourage people to stay Catholic?

    2. Society of Jesus

      1. Jesuits

    3. What changes were made?

      1. Council of Trent

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