World war II test review

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Your test is on Wednesday, May 29. You will need to write the test in pen. The test will comprise of 20 multiple choice questions, 1 map study, and 4 short answer questions. Please review the following to be ready for all components of the test:

  • The Treaty of Versaille

  • The policy of appeasement

  • Who was allied with whom?

  • How did Hitler rise to power?

  • What were the causes of WWII?

  • Conquest of France and the miracle at Dunkirk

  • The Battle of Britain

  • The Battle of Stalingrad & the eastern front

  • Pearl Harbour & Battle for Hong Kong

  • Dieppe

  • The Italian Campaign & Battle of Ortona

  • The Holocaust, M.S. St. Louis

  • D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

  • How did the war end?

  • Conscription crisis at home

  • The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

  • Canadian women and their contributions

  • The treatment of Japanese-Canadians

  • The Canadian economy during the war

  • Canadian culture during the war years

  • Vocabulary: fascism, communism, isolationism, reparations, anti-Semitism, Aryan, appeasement, anschluss, blitzkrieg, Luftwaffe, scapegoat, genocide, plebiscite, internment, propaganda, convoy

  • For a review of Canada’s role in WWII, see the CBC website. There is an article titled, “Second World War: Remembering Canada’s Role in WWII”

Download 5 Kb.

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