Wwii: European Theater Battle of the Bulge to v-e day

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WWII: European Theater

Battle of the Bulge to V-E Day

The Last Year of the War

  • After the D-Day invasions and the continued advance of the Soviet army in the East the last year of the war was defined by more and more desperate attempts by Hitler and the German army for some sort of “final” battle or secret weapon that would end the war in their favor.

  • The result was a series of brutal and bloody attacks and counter-attacks by the German military that was becoming worn down, younger, inexperienced and more fanatical

Battle of the Bulge – December 16, 1944 – January 1945

  • In the fall of 1944 Allies had to pause their drive to Berlin to re-supply and Hitler took opportunity to strengthen his forces around the Ardennes Forest and In December 1944 counterattacked the Allies

  • Completely surprised the Allies and weather grounded the Allied Air Forces.

    • Heroic defense at Bastogne by the 101st AB and 10 Armored Div

    • Stop German offensive Dec 26 (same day weather cleared) and by end of January the Germany Army had been driven back.

The Eastern Front

  • On the Eastern front the massive confrontation between the German and Russian military is almost unimaginable.

    • D-Day: 130000 Allies and 950 Tanks vs. 50 000 Germans and 127 Tanks

    • Battle of the Bulge: 242 Allied Tanks vs. 950 German Tanks

    • Battle of Kursk: 1.3 million Soviet soldiers and 3600 Tanks vs. 900 000 German soldiers and 2700 Tanks

    • Battle of Berlin: 2.5 million Soviet soldiers and 6250 Tanks vs. 1 million German soldiers and 1500 Tanks

  • The Soviet army throughout 1944 slowly pushed the Germany military out of Russia, through Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe until they reached Germany in the spring of 1945.


Battle of Berlin – April – May 1945

  • By April 1945 the Soviet Army had surrounded Berlin and began the assault on the city.

    • Attacked with 2.5 million men or 8 armies

    • The assault was a street-by-street /house-by-house battle with a number of civilian casualties

    • May 1st the city surrendered

Hitler’s Death – April 30th, 1945

  • Throughout the Battle of Berlin Hitler lived and commanded the Nazi state from a bunker.

  • Committed suicide on April 30, 1945

  • His body was burnt by loyal soldiers and found by Soviet soldiers.

V-E- Day – May 7, 1945

  • On May 7, 1945 the Germany government surrendered unconditionally to the Allies and the war in Europe was over.


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